Photo Credit: TPS
Policeman investigating damaged Shiloh vineyard

Two-way agricultural terrorism in Judea and Samaria: over the weekend, two vineyards have been destroyed, one owned by a Jew, the other by an Arab, Ynet reported Sunday. In each case, the Judea and Samaria District Police have arrived on the scene and collected findings, but so far no suspects have been detained.

Tzvi Struck, owner of one of the damaged vineyards, in Shiloh, Samaria, related: “I came to the vineyard this morning and saw that they had just uprooted about 100 young grape vines, they just pulled them from the ground. We then searched and discovered in a vineyard nearby that about 1,000 mature trees had been vandalized, probably using a disk or something like that.”


“This means hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. Every time it repeats itself and no one gets caught. It is a difficult and frustrating feeling. You have to understand that this is terrorism, and the case should be treated accordingly,” Struck said.

Meanwhile, an Arab resident of the Bani Na’im village in the Hebron hills reported to Judea and Samaria District Police that when he arrived at his vineyard on Saturday morning, he discovered that his vines had been damaged. Nearby an inscription was sprayed: “Enough with agricultural terror – we’ll reach you wherever you are.”