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Title: Arise and Shine!

The book’s main characters are not mere action heroes, but deep ideological thinkers, motivated by the 2,000-year dream of re-establishing the nation of Israel in its Divinely-promised homeland.

An Antidote To Despair

Every story, many of which are contributed by others, reminds us of how much we have to be proud of, as well offering hope and optimism for the work still to be done.

YU And OU Celebrate Publication Of Chumash Mesoras HaRav

The Rav explains that Hashem is everyone's rebbe. Whenever someone learns, he is learning with Hashem.

Title: Oasis – Experience the Paradise of Shabbos

When was the last time you exited Shabbos more spiritually uplifted than when you entered?

New Beginnings

The aim of this book is to demonstrate that the Torah’s account of Creation is not in conflict with the sciences of cosmology, geology, or evolution.

Title: Textual Tapestries: Explorations of the Five Megillot

The astute reader that he is, Cohen teases lots of insights into these nuanced differences.

Title: Scholarly Man of Faith: Studies in the Thought and Writings of Rabbi Joseph...

As to the lack of written work by Rav Soloveitchik, Rabbi Shatz notes that this was a common lament during the Rav’s lifetime.

Title: The Lonely Ayil

The book has wonderful colorful illustrations with wording that small children can easily follow.

Titles That Caught Our Eye

Officially, one is not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but we can’t help ourselves; some titles sound too good not to share with others.

Title: Setting a Table for Two

Setting a Table for Two is a lively, no-holds-barred guide to marriage based entirely on a profound understanding of Torah as the ultimate guide to life.

Title: Keys to the Palace: Exploring the Religious Value of Reading Tanakh

A superb essay which illustrates Angel’s approach is the story of Yakov and Esav, and Yakov’s seeming deception to obtain the valuable blessings from this father.

Title: Lone Wolf in Jerusalem

Diskin paints with a historical brush, using historical names, places and facts to back up a richly embroidered fictional account that proves to be a page-turner one can’t put down.

Title: Sparks From the Fire

A recurring theme in the book is that life has its challenges, and struggling with those challenges is what life is about.

Title: The Fun Book of Fatherhood

Cammarata, who lives to be an enamorata, offers a positive philosophy of child-rearing that we learn much more from our children than we can ever teach them, and to always treat them like small persons, not merely little children.

An Appreciation Of Rav Lichtenstein

A student of Rav Yosef Soloveitchik and of Rav Yitzchak Hutner, he would impart their wisdom to generations of Jewish students in America and in Israel for over a half-century.

Capturing Chasidic Life In Muted Colors

It won’t surprise anybody that the vast majority of the images Haruni’s book are of men and boys.

Widen The Derech

It’s not about troubled youth, but any youth that may face troubles. Look at trouble not as an adjective but as a verb. The core issue of such youth is the feeling of loneliness.

The Soul Of Art

Title: Art of Revelation – A Visual Encounter with the Jewish Bible Yoram Raanan and Meira Raanan   Art is supremely the language of the spirit. Few...

On Nature, Faith And Family

Several of the poems have Jewish subjects, but still touch on universal themes, such as freedom and unity.

New Book On Lubavitch And Lakewood

While Rabbi Dalfin is himself a Lubavitcher, he admirably attempts to be evenhanded and to allow the facts to speak for themselves.

Review of Nehama Leibowitz: Teacher and Bible Scholar by Yael Unterman

Nechama was a dedicated and tireless teacher who spent decades creating and disseminating her gilyanot (worksheets).

Title: Suzanne’s Children: A Daring Rescue in Nazi Paris

Her buried records have never been retrieved but it is strongly believed that her efforts prevailed and that those who were rescued by her survived the Holocaust.

Title: Searching for God in the Garbage

With raw candor and authenticity, Bracha shares her painful struggles, as she seeks to understand the meaning of life and the inconsistencies of the feminist movement that she supports.

Title: This Narrow Space: A Pediatric Oncologist, His Jewish, Muslim and Christian patients, and...

The single devastating element that unified his patient clientele was that they had all been diagnosed with some form of pediatric cancer.

Title: Terror and Emunah in Har Nof

The Talmud teaches that all Israel are responsible for one another. Risa writes that the terrorists attacked Chaim with a knife to his head because he was a Jew -- therefore the Jewish people had to take special care of him.


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