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Yeshiva Derech HaTorah High School, Broooklyn

7 Adar I 5768 – February 13, 2008
Question: Where do you think you'll study after high school?

Foundation Momentum Iudaicum Lodzense (Part Two)

The Foundation Momentum Iudaicum Lodzense was established on November 6 1995.

Caring For Our Seniors And Holocaust Survivors (Part 4)

30 Shevat 5768 – February 6, 2008
In the Jan. 4 and 11 issues I reprinted some triggers that may spark awful flashbacks for Holocaust Survivors.

Secular Organizations In Poland

I am often asked what Jewish life in Poland is really like.


23 Shevat 5768 – January 30, 2008
While I'm on the subject of expectations...

Who Will Write Our History?: Emanuel Ringelblum, The Warsaw Ghetto, And The Oyneg Shabes...

Over the past 12 years that I have been writing this column I discussed the Ringelblum Archives numerous times.

Developing 20/20 Vision (Part Two)

16 Shevat 5768 – January 23, 2008
Last week I told Bob's story. A former well spouse, he lived his life feeling it was his responsibility to financially provide for his family and be there to serve his community.

Chabad In Poland

It is often said that in places you would least expect, there is certain to be a Beit Chabad.

Developing 20/20 Vision (Part One)

9 Shevat 5768 – January 16, 2008
I recently interviewed a grandfather who was a former well spouse.

Chanukah In Poland

Last week Rabbi Schudrich of Warsaw sent me more pictures from Poland showing the community celebrating Chanukah.

Caring For Our Seniors and Holocaust Survivors: A Conference (Part 3)

2 Shevat 5768 – January 9, 2008
Last week I began to share the list of triggers put together by the Ahavas Chesed of Montreal.

Getting Results In Poland

During my trip to Poland last summer I discovered a few areas that needed attention.

Caring For Our Seniors And Holocaust Survivors: A Conference (Part 2)

25 Tevet 5768 – January 3, 2008
Last week I talked about the conference I attended that was designed for non-Jewish caregivers of our elderly and Holocaust survivors.

The Chassidic Route In Poland

Every year more and more Jewish tourists go to Poland to visit the historic sites of pre-Shoah Jewish heritage.

Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

Question: What is your favorite mitzvah?

Caring For Our Seniors And Holocaust Survivors: A Conference (Part 1)

18 Tevet 5768 – December 27, 2007
I recently attended a workshop that was given by Ahavas Chesed of Montreal for professional caregivers and the institutions they work for.

What Comes Around Goes Around (Part Two)

10 Tevet 5768 – December 19, 2007
Last week I told the story of Chaya Leah, a well spouse. Chaya Leah had cared for her son's friend, Moishe, while his mother was sitting Shivah.

13th Avenue, Boro Park

Question: Are you satisfied with Eliot Spitzer's performance as governor?

Chanukah Joy And Festivities In Poland

The Jewish community held a candle-lighting ceremony at the Presidential Palace, with the participation of President Lech Kaczyñski.

What Comes Around… Goes Around (Part One)

3 Tevet 5768 – December 12, 2007
The topic of discussion of the support group was our children. How do the children of the chronically ill cope?

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