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A Visit From Beyond

4 Kislev 5765 – November 17, 2004
During this past Yom Tov, I spent some time with my son who lives out of town.

A Son’s Wedding: A Slap In The Face Of Our Enemies

26 Heshvan 5765 – November 10, 2004
My first-born son's recent marriage was a huge simcha for the family, but the wedding was actually the culmination of a simcha that began years ago - at his bris.

Going Up In Smoke

19 Heshvan 5765 – November 3, 2004
Walking along a Brooklyn street recently, I saw a scene that could very well be used in a dictionary to explain the word nachas.

Love, Trust And Faith – Achieving True Peace Of Mind

5 Heshvan 5765 – October 20, 2004
During Rosh Hashona, when it is customary to greet friend and stranger alike with good wishes for the upcoming year, I try to avoid uttering the phrase, "Have a happy and healthy New Year.

Criminal Insensitivity

21 Tishri 5765 – October 6, 2004
Years ago, when I was in college, I took an undergraduate course in law. I don't remember much of what I learned, but the concept of criminal negligence has stuck in my mind.

Are You Playing Russian Roulette With Your Life?

7 Tishri 5765 – September 22, 2004
I recently attended an out-of-town simcha. Among the guests were several acquaintances whom I hadn't seen in several years.

Not Music To My Ears

22 Elul 5764 – September 8, 2004
I was at a wedding just the other day, and the music was deafening.

A Daily Dose Of Tisha B’Av

8 Elul 5764 – August 25, 2004
Another Nine Days have come and gone, and we gratefully give a sigh of relief knowing that these days of deprivation - no meat, no swimming, no showering, no music, culminating in a 25 hour fast - no food or water - are finally behind us, and the rest of the sun-drenched summer is there for us to enjoy.

Whining And Dining, Nickel And Dimeing

24 Av 5764 – August 11, 2004
Earlier this month, I spent the July 4th weekend at an out-of-town Shabbaton.

Wedding Wonder

10 Av 5764 – July 28, 2004
We've all been to hundreds of weddings throughout our lives. Most of them have been the simchas of friends - some of very close family members.

A Churning Stomach And An Upturned Nose

28 Iyyar 5764 – May 19, 2004
Several weeks ago, there was back and forth "dialogue" in the editorial pages of the Jewish Press concerning the very subjective view as to who is the more "authentic" Jew amongst the various segments of the Orthodox community.

The Heavenly Gift Of Restraint

7 Iyyar 5764 – April 28, 2004
With Pesach upon us, Jews must refrain from indulging in some of their favorite foods, drinks and even cosmetics for over a week.

Stunted Souls

30 Nisan 5764 – April 21, 2004
In this week's Dating Primer column, Rosie Einhorn and Sherry Zimmerman write about the destructive nature of frequent, often unjustified criticism directed towards children and some of the repercussions of what they feel is unintentional but nonetheless genuine verbal abuse.

A Lesson In Love

16 Nisan 5764 – April 7, 2004
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest at a Shabbaton hosted by Machane Chodosh in Forest Hills, N.Y.

Addressing The ‘State Of The Union’ – The Shidduch Crisis

2 Nisan 5764 – March 24, 2004
One of the most distressing issues that pre-occupies the minds of young and old alike is the growing "Shidduch Crisis."

Toronto Mourns Loss Of ‘Twin Towers’

17 Adar 5764 – March 10, 2004
For many people, one of the most difficult blessings to say with the proper kavana - sincerity - is the one uttered upon hearing of a person's passing - Baruch Dayan HaEmet - Blessed is the True Judge.

Visiting ‘Home’

26 Shevat 5764 – February 18, 2004
Last month, when I was in Jerusalem, I naturally went to the Kotel, a place I always felt was home, since my paternal ancestors were Kohanim.

Where Rain Reigns, Hail Is Hailed, And Israel Is Real

12 Shevat 5764 – February 4, 2004
Perhaps the one characteristic that unites people of all nationalities, cultures and creeds is a fascination with weather, especially bad weather.

Driving While Distracted

20 Tevet 5764 – January 14, 2004
At this moment, in cities, towns and neighborhoods across the country, someone's mother, child, friend, or spouse glances impatiently at the clock, only to have flashes of mild annoyance chill into icy pricks of worry and fear.

Fat Free Yeshivas

7 Tevet 5764 – January 1, 2004
I recently attended an all-day shidduch program sponsored by the National Council of Young Israel in Manhattan.

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