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January 19, 2017 / 21 Tevet, 5777
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Gov’t Spokesman: No Intent to Break Hamas

Military goal to 'restore quiet for Israeli citizens,' but no word on how that will be accomplished

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Plenty of time for foreign journalists, but hasn't answered questions at home in over a year

Plenty of time for foreign journalists, but hasn't answered questions at home in over a year
Photo Credit: Taglit-Birthright Israel

Government spokespeople say the goal of Operation Protective Edge is “to restore peace and quiet to Israeli civilians, but they will not say that Israel’s latest military foray into the Gaza Strip is intended to bring about the complete surrender of  Hamas, Islamic Jihad or other terror gangs operating in the Strip.

As rockets continued to hold nearly all Israeli hostage on Wednesday, The Jewish Press spoke to Mark Regev, a spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu, about the current operation.

Jewish Press: Is the goal of this operation to obtain the total surrender of Hamas?

Mark Regev: The goal of this operation is to protect the people of the south, and all the people of Israel.

JP: We’ve heard that before, in 2008 and 2012. But it didn’t happen. What’s different this time, such that we can expect a different outcome?

MR: We will act with determination to bring about peace and quiet for the citizens of this country.

JP: Any idea how long the mission will last?

MR: As long as it takes.

JP: It sounds like the goal of this operation is short-term quiet, rather than a long-term solution to a long-term problem. Is that because we lack the ability to destroy Hamas, or the will do carry it out?

MR: I don’t accept the premise of your question. Ask another question.

JP: Over the past month, we have seen the abduction of three Israeli teenagers, a massive manhunt, the tragedy of their discovery, a horrific revenge attack, Arab riots around the country and now a major military operation. But yet, the prime minister has not delivered a major address to the country. What’s he waiting for?

MR: He spoke to the country last night.

(Hebrew-language TV and radio delivered a 1:48 minute recorded statement last night, accusing Hamas for the current escalation and calling on Israelis to “be patient”.)

JP: The prime minister has not answered questions from Israeli journalists in as long as any of my colleagues can remember. When will Mr Netanyahu answer unscripted questions from Israeli journalists?

MR: I’m sure he will do that in future.

Meir Halevi Siegel

About the Author: Meir is a news writer for JewishPress.com - and he loves his job.

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  1. Norma Biblow says:

    This is crazy, why to waste money and energy risking life’s!…

  2. Larry Rosen says:

    I hope he’s lying

  3. James Ramey says:

    I like the line of questioning.

  4. Kahane chai. Bring in real leadership.

  5. And the real question is: Why not?

  6. Thomas Lundh says:

    Why? Why would the intention not be to break Hamas?


  8. Unless you fight to win, it’s not a fight. Israel will be in more danger if she aborts this worthy mission!

  9. Like Naftali Bennett has always said; “You don’t negotiate with terrorists, you ELIMINATE them!”. Netanyahu, you better #DestroyHamas once and for all or your political career will most likely be a mere memory..

  10. Adou Abel says:


  11. Adou Abel says:


  12. Is crazy statetment.

  13. Why not , Hamas will come back to bite !

  14. Why not , Hamas will come back to bite !

  15. Karen Bryant says:

    They should have every intent to break Hamas completely.

  16. Karen Bryant says:

    They should have every intent to break Hamas completely.

  17. If there is no intent to break Hamas then the current government of Israel should be immediately voted out and Moshe Feiglin voted in as PM

  18. u’re right dear.vote for a new govt which can be really able to defend u&release soldiers in prison to fight hamas.

  19. Every government has their town idiot

  20. Every government has their town idiot

  21. To protect the people you need to destroy Hamas. Wake up Bibi !

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