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Israel’s Cabinet Smashes Mega-Corporations

1 Iyyar 5772 – April 23, 2012
Israel's cabinet on Sunday approved a plan to force some of Israel’s largest conglomerates to break up, in an attempt to drive competition and...

Olympic Committee Refuses to Commemorate Israeli Munich Massacre Victims

30 Nisan 5772 – April 22, 2012
A campaign by the widows of two Israeli victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre have had their petition for a memorial at the 2012 Olympic games rejected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

2,300 Palestinian Prisoners Begin Hunger Strike

26 Nisan 5772 – April 17, 2012
"Palestinian Prisoner's day" is the latest attempt to load the Palestinian calendar with days of mass mobilization and action, with the higher aim of embarrassing Israel and pressuring it to make concessions. Among the demands being made are an end to administrative detention and access to newspapers and more television channels.

Entire Family Incinerated in Rehovot Fire

4 Nisan 5772 – March 27, 2012
Less than two weeks before Passover, a terrible disaster destroyed an entire family in a fire that consumed a two-room housing unit in the...

Drowned 7 Year Old Girl from Kiryat Sefer Pronounced Dead in Hospital

9 Adar 5772 – March 2, 2012
A 7-year-old girl who had fallen into a gushing river on Friday was rushed to Tel Hashomer Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. The...

43 Nazi Offspring Undergo Purification in Tzfat

24 Shevat 5772 – February 17, 2012
Almost 70 years after the end of WW2, a group of 42 children of Nazi soldiers and collaborators participated this week in a purification...

Report: Almost 50% of Syrian Territory No Longer Under Regime’s Control

9 Shevat 5772 – February 1, 2012
Claim made by Riad Al-Assad, commander of the Free Syrian Army.

Technion To Build, Launch Mini-Satellites Into Space

6 Shevat 5772 – January 29, 2012
Project head Professor Pini Gurfil says the satellites have great practical applications.

Mashaal On Official Hamas Visit to Jordan

Trip is Jordan is Mashaal's first since being expelled in 1999.

Teen Synagogue Firebomber Charged With Another Attempt

The teen loner awaiting trial for the firebombings of two northern New Jersey synagogues has been charged with an additional arson attempt at the Jewish Community Center of Paramus.

Abbas: No Progress in Amman

2 Shevat 5772 – January 25, 2012
PA president not excluding possibility of additional low-level discussions.

Report: Russia to Sell Syria Fighter Jets

29 Tevet 5772 – January 23, 2012
36 aircraft would be delivered to Syria at a total cost of $550 million.

China Reproaches Iran on Nuclear Program

28 Tevet 5772 – January 22, 2012
Statements come as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao wraps up trip to Gulf region.

US Sends Chief of Staff to Stop Israeli Attack on Iran

21 Tevet 5772 – January 15, 2012
Israel’s intensifying readiness to launch a military strike against Iran has met with a negative US response, with top government officials being dispatched to the Jewish state in the attempt to thwart an attack.

Activists Return to Rebuild Mitzpe Avichai

18 Tevet 5772 – January 12, 2012
Outpost community near Kiryat Arba dismantled earlier in the day.

Get The Settlers

17 Tevet 5772 – January 11, 2012
It is wrong to throw rocks at IDF soldiers. We must do all that we can to uproot this phenomenon. But the mad witch-hunt that raged recently has nothing to do with concern for and loyalty to the IDF.

Reaction To Ads Expose Troubled U.S. Jewish Psyche

12 Kislev 5772 – December 7, 2011
The recent kerfluffle over Israeli government video ads and billboard posters, designed to entice wayward yordim to return home, instead exposed the troubled psyche of American Jews.

Alan Falk’s Lessons

17 Av 5771 – August 17, 2011
Two of Alan Falk's biblical paintings immediately assault us aesthetically and thematically. Isaac Blessing Jacob (2009) and The Cry of Esau (2010) document the famous stolen blessing of Beraishis 27 and its consequences. The ancient Isaac is clad in a white nightshirt, raising his bony hands in blessing over his two sons. In one, Jacob has donned a curly-haired brown Afro deceitfully offering his blind father food, while in the other, Isaac's trembling hands attempt to bless the hysterical Esau at his feet. The cartoonish figures are caught in a melodrama of high-keyed color and exaggerated gesture that casts the biblical tale into an unfamiliar and strange realm.

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