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One Standard Of Justice?

10 Av 5770 – July 21, 2010
A front-page story in The New York Timesof July 10 reported that federal immigration authorities in the Obama administration have adopted a "new strategy" to replace the military-style raids that were conducted in the Bush years to find and arrest illegal aliens.

Compensatory Strategies

15 Kislev 5770 – December 2, 2009
When one is blind one learns to use Braille to read. When one cannot walk, a wheelchair gives mobility. Sign language allows a mute person to speak and ocular implants assist in hearing when one is deaf. These are all compensatory strategies that help a person function despite his disability. But compensatory strategies are not just for physical problems. Understanding our psychological weaknesses and setting up our lives to ensure that we are not tempted to repeat our past mistakes, is as necessary as any aid to the disabled.

Death Of A Spouse (Part Six – Practicalities)

12 Tishri 5767 – October 4, 2006
When I met with recently widowed well spouses, who were kind enough to share their feelings with me, they were also very eager to share practical things they did that help make their transition to being widowed easier.

Self-Affirmations/Self-Deprecations (Part One)

18 Tevet 5766 – January 18, 2006
I came out of the store last week, and there, on top of my "to do" list on the passenger's side of the car, in full view for anyone to see, were three checks that I was taking to the bank to deposit.

The Smart Schlimazels And Cunning Shlemiels

14 Adar I 5765 – February 23, 2005
We all know them - the sad sacks who seemingly were born under a bad constellation.

Joined Accounts And Other Signature Stories

17 Tevet 5765 – December 29, 2004
When we first marry, we assume life will be wonderful. We rarely think about or discuss potential problems or the possibility of illness darkening our doorstep.

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