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5,000-Year-Old Seal in Galilee May Depict First Known Music Scene

8 Sivan 5775 – May 26, 2015
Woodstock was not so original, according to Israeli archaeologists.

Rare Discovery of 3,500-Year-Old Donkey in Israel

2 Nisan 5773 – March 12, 2013
At about the same time the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt, a young donkey was sacrificed in what is now Israel and was placed under a house. In a rare discovery, Archaeologists found the skeleton.

Postcard from Israel – Tel Megiddo

29 Tishri 5773 – October 14, 2012
If the building which houses the ticket office and museum at Tel Megiddo national park seems somewhat incongruous to its surroundings – being more reminiscent of the style of an English country gentleman’s residence, with its chimney and paned windows, than of the local architecture – that is because it was built by the British army after its victory against the Ottomans, including at the Battle of Megiddo. So important was that battle that its Commander in Chief, Sir Edmund Allenby, was later awarded the title of 'Viscount of Megiddo.'

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