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    What Word will be Missing from BBC Report on Sentencing of Hamas Terrorists?

    Despite the BBC reporting the sentencing of Hamas terrorists convicted for murdering 2 Israelis in a planned terror attack, the words 'terror, terrorist or terrorism' do not appear once in the report

    Harriet Sherwood Completely Mischaracterizes Iran Sanctions Bill

    The bill (by Senator Robert Menendez, along with 58 co-sponsors) has been accurately described by multiple media sources.

    False Charge of ‘Palestinian Kids in Cages’ Lives On in Documentary

    One Israeli media outlet steadfastly refuses to set the record straight.

    Guardian’s Cartoon of Powerful Jews Manipulating Western Leaders

    You don’t even need to believe that antisemitism is at play to be contemptuous of the extraordinary myopia displayed in the Guardian report.

    Harriet Sherwood Won’t Reveal Shawan Jabarin Terror Ties

    To learn more about the story we contacted Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor’s legal advisor.

    Sounds Israeli: IDF Performs Hatikva in Sign Language

    This [particular] Volunteer Soldiers’ Basic Training was extra special.

    Guardian Revisionism of Rouhani Holocaust Remarks

    Pretending that the facts of the Holocaust are a matter of serious historical dispute is a classic rhetorical evasion.

    Guardian Jerusalem Syndrome: Fearing Judaisation of Temple Mount

    The Palestinian Authority is condemning Jews who tour the holy site by suggesting that their visits represent a broader Israeli scheme to “Judaise” it.

    Zionist Big Bang Theory at the Guardian

    Such framing of events in the Middle East represents more than mere hostility to Israel.

    Independent Legitimizes Jerusalem Ethnic Cleansing Lie

    There actually has been a decline in the proportionate size of Jerusalem’s Jewish population, with an increase in the proportion of the Arab population.

    The List of 26 Palestinian Prisoners and their Victims

    Many in the media, including the Guardian, The Independent, and the Irish Times, have whitewashed the violent and often brutal crimes of the prisoners being released.

    Guardian Wants 5 Million Returned to Where They Never Lived

    The number of actual Palestinian refugees from the Arab-Israeli War, out of the initial 750,000 or so after the war, is estimated to be closer to 30,000.

    Harriet Sherwood Misleads on Religious Significance of the Kotel

    Sherwood gets the significance of the Western Wall and Haram al-Sharif wrong

    Let’s BDS Turkey!

    Dear friends of the BDS movement, now is your chance to prove that you are not just shills for terrorists and Arab rejectionism.

    The Myth of Palestinian Prisoner Torture the Guardian Perpetuates

    Such myopic and at times obsessive focus on Israeli culpability is part of a pattern at the Guardian.

    England Crushed by Israel’s Winning Goal in Jerusalem (Video)

    England’s Under-21 football team, already eliminated from the UEFA Under-21 Finals in Israel, after losing their first two games, were beaten 1-0 by Israel...

    What the Media Won’t Tell You about ‘Palestinian Prisoners’

    The language in Sherwood’s report was revised to note that it is only the Palestinians who view them as “political prisoners.”

    Guardian Misleads Readers on Israeli Druze

    The war, if it comes, may not be a disaster, if it delivers Golan back into Syrian hands.

    IDF stymies Guardian’s Obsession with Conscientious Objector

    Over a two month period, Sherwood has published three reports and over 1500 sympathetic words about Blanc’s case.

    Sounds Israeli: Idan Amedi

    Israeli musician Idan Amedi was discovered on the Israeli show Kokhav Nolad.

    Terrorists as ‘Political Prisoners’: CiF Watch Prompts Guardian Correction

    The Guardian has called terrorists convicted of murder or attempted murder 'political prisoners.'

    The ‘Refugee’ Slated to Win ‘Arab Idol’

    The Palestinian “refugee” swindle is but one of the many political derivatives of the Palestinian narrative which so often passes for serious journalism at the Guardian.

    Sounds Israeli: Ofra Haza

    The late Ofra Haza sings "Jerusalem of Gold" in 1998.

    The Blood Libel Begins: The Guardian’s Original Reporting on Al Dura

    The Guardian took the hideous claim that the IDF fired mercilessly at a young boy until he was dead at face value, without even a hint of journalistic skepticism.

    In Reporting Israeli Strike, the Guardian Adopts Arab Narrative

    Going forward, Guardian reporters would be well advised to keep their opinions firmly within the confines of the Guardian’s op-ed page.

    Sounds Israeli: The Fools of Prophecy

    A raw live version of the Israeli hit 'Ein Ani' performed in front of an IDF unit in 2012.

    Sounds Israeli: The Idan Raichel Project

    Israeli artist Idan Raichel blends African, Latin American, Caribbean and Middle Eastern sounds.

    Is the Word ‘Terrorism’ Anti-Muslim?

    The mantra that terrorism is only used in reference to Muslims has no basis in fact.

    Sounds Israeli: Mosh Ben-Ari

    Israeli artist Moshe Ben-Ari writes music with a blend rock, soul, reggae and world music.

    The Guardian’s Continuing Obsession with Mordechai Vanunu

    Is there really any mystery as to why Vanunu is so admired by the Guardian?


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