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January 21, 2017 / 23 Tevet, 5777

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A Man’s Destiny Is Decreed On The New Year

Friday, September 16th, 2016

On the first night of Rosh Hashanah, Rabi Shimon ben Yohai had a dream. He dreamt that his two nephews would be fined 600 dinars by the government. The following morning he visited his nephews and persuaded them to become gabaim for the community. They would be in charge of dispensing the charity to the poor. By enabling them to deal in charity, he hoped to avoid the harsh government decree from becoming effective.

“But who will provide us the money to give to the poor of the community?” they asked him.

“You advance the money and keep a record of every penny you lay out. At the end of the year the community will reimburse you,” Rabi Shimon answered them.

They agreed and undertook the job. Sometime later, a jealous person complained to the government that they were dealing in silk and merchandise and not paying taxes. The following day an elderly tax collector appeared and demanded that they pay the government a fine of 600 dinars. They protested their innocence, but the tax collector would not listen to them and they were subsequently jailed.

When Rabi Shimon heard of this matter, he visited them in jail.

“Tell me,” he asked them, “how much money did you raise for charity during the last year?”

“You will find it recorded in a book which we keep in our house,” they answered him.

Rabi Shimon visited their home and began examining their book. He saw that they had laid out 594 dinars, only six dinars short of 600.

Visiting them again in jail he said, “Give me six dinars and I will free you from this jail.’’

“How is that possible?” they asked him. “The tax collector demands 600 dinars and you only ask for six dinars to free us.”

“Regardless,” he answered them, “give me the six dinars and I promise to free you today.”

They gave him the money and Rabi Shimon then visited the tax collector and bribed him to accept the money and forget about the case.

“They have no money to pay you,” he told the collector, “so what will you gain by keeping them in jail? Take these few dinars, free them and drop the case and no one will the wiser.”

The tax collector agreed and he freed them.

When they arrived home they asked him, “How did you know that it would only take six dinars to free us? Did you have any inside information on our case?”

“No,” he said, “but last Rosh Hashanah night I had a dream that you would be fined 600 dinars. Counting the money you gave to charity, I figured that you were still six dinars short. Therefore, I knew that the collector would accept the six dinars and he would free you. Great is the power of charity.”

“If you had told us about this at that time we would have gladly donated the entire 600 to charity,” they said, “rather than undergo this aggravating experience and be placed in jail.”

“If I had told this to you at that time,” said Rabi Shimon bar Yohai, “you would never have believed me and you would never have given me any money for charity. Also, I wanted you to really give the money for the sake of charity, not to escape punishment.”

Rabbi Sholom Klass

Rejuvenation: The Principle of Alternate Possibilities [audio]

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Biblical scholar Jerrold Rapaport joins Eve in a fascinating, far ranging talk on our respective religious obligations. Do we accept our fate or create our destiny? Is all Bible commentary divinely inspired or does context alter opinion? What is the principle of alternate possibilities? How do we know what are our moral responsibilities? Is our covenant with God voluntary and does it lead to loss of free will? And how is all of this reflected in Israel and Jewish life today, and in the West as well?

Yes, all that and more in just one post Passover show. On Rejuvenation with Eve Harow for The Land of Israel Network.

The Land of Israel

It’s All in God’s Hands

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Elections are just a distraction, G-d is in control — think about it very seriously.  So many times the pundits are wrong.  All of us see the same “facts” and make the wrong predictions.

Anyone of any religion with a minimum of faith, knows that there are things totally out of our control.

Elections are a distraction, sort of like the chest breathing and hand/feet contractions I remember learning about in reading a Lamaze childbirth book.  As the mother of five, all “natural” births, I can attest to the fact that by concentrating on a different part of the body, not the area of the strongly and painfully contracting uterus, I felt better and in control.

Democracy, elections, politics all distract us from what is really happening.  The story of mankind is thousands of years old, especially for those of us who follow the Bible.  In the Bible we also read of democracy, elections, politics and lots of sinning.  There was never a time in history when all people were righteous and good.  Even in Jewish history, such a condition lasted only seconds, when the entire people pledged obedience to G-d at Mount Sinai.  Soon after, they were sinning again.

It’s the nature of man to abuse free will.  Life is a moral struggle.

There’s the “hype” that politician “a” or “b” can make it all better.  None of it’s true.  Each of us must do our best to overcome our weaknesses and obey G-d.  All the politics and elections are toys/tools G-d has given us to learn how.

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Batya Medad

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