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December 4, 2016 / 4 Kislev, 5777

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Fatah Facebook Inciting Murder of Gershon Mesika

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015

(JNi.media) On Sunday morning, a female terrorist was attempting to stab a girl in the bus station at the junction of the Samaria Regional Brigade, when former Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika noticed the incident and drove his car in her direction to try and stop her. Mesika’s car ran into a ditch after hitting the terrorist. At that point, according to Elyakim Gross from Itamar, he, Gross, shot two bullets into the terrorist’s body, and a soldier who had rushed over also shot her twice.

The “official Fatah” Facebook page offered an entirely different narrative:

“What happened at Hawara checkpoint. A witness said that Ashraqat Taha, 16-years-old, she wanted to cross the street near the barrier as a BMW vehicle run over her and then a settler got out from his car, his name is Mesika, the Chairman of the Council of Jewish settlements in the northern West Bank ,and he opened fire directly on the girl and then the Israeli soldiers came to the scene of the shooting and fired 10 bullets on the girl, Later they found that the girl was carrying a bag with her own laptop and then throw the knife next to her.”

Two radically different narratives, except the first one is supported by at least four eyewitness reports cited widely in Israeli media, and the second one cites an anonymous witness. And there’s the terrorist’s father, Taha Qatanani, who told a Palestinian news agency (see Google-translated page):

“Thank God my daughter has done what needs to be done … I am proud of every one of [my children].”

He also said his daughter constantly asked about current events, and was always asking her mother for “the best knives in the house.” (H/T Elder of Zion).

Not enough, apparently, to convince the official Fatah Facebook page, which published a picture of Gershon Mesika with crosshairs, urging people to assassinate him.

JNi.media complained to Facebook about the offending image, which was accompanied by the caption: “Killer of 16-year-old Girl at the checkpoint.”

Meanwhile, the same Fatah official Facebook page announced that “The Ministry of Health officially announces the martyrdom of the girl Ashraqat Taha, 16, years of Nablus (Shechem) near the Hawara checkpoint.”

JNi.media Received this response from Facebook to our complaint:

“We reviewed your report of ‎حركة التحرير الوطني الفلسطيني ” فتح “/الصفحة الرسمية‎’s photo.

“Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the photo you reported for containing graphic violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Update: The incitement to murder post has now been removed.


Israel to Authorize Palestinians to Settle in Evacuated Jewish Town

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

An announcement of the attorney general for the IDF Judea and Samaria Division, in response to a suit by extreme left wing group “Yesh Din,” on behalf of land owners from the nearby Arab village of Burka, it turns out that the IDF intends to permit Palestinians to settle the lands of the deserted Jewish village of Chomesh.

Chomesh, located in the heart of Samaria, north-west of Sh’chem, was part of the 2005 “Disengagement” plan, which focused mostly on Jewish families in the Gaza strip. The Jewish residents of Chomesh, 70 families altogether, were evicted by force and the structures were demolished by Israel. Since then the site has seen many attempts on the part of former residents to return home, which are thwarted, occasionally brutally, by police.

Now the village of Chomesh has been officially removed from the list of the Samaria regional council, following which the IDF has revoked the order prohibiting all access to the site. The result is that Arabs will now be free to take over the lands, as well as the infrastructure, while Jews will continue to be prohibited from even going there, based on the disengagement law.

The head of the Samaria regional council, Gershon Mesika, said that “the State of Israel is proving once again that it is first and foremost in hurting its own citizens and their rights.

The head of the Samaria settlers committee, Benny Katzover, said that “the current takeover by attorneys of the Israeli government system is damaging the Jewish character of the state. It cannot be that a group of attorneys would decide to transfer lands in Eretz Israel to the enemy and no one is objecting.”

Ktazover vowed that “Chomesh is a Jewish settlement in Eretz Israel and we will once again settle it, despite the attorney general’s decision which contradicts Jewish logic and the vision of the return to Zion.”

Yori Yanover

New Outpost in Memory of Arab Terror Victim

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

The Shomron (Samaria) Regional Council moved its offices to the site of Tuesday’s lethal terrorist attack and posted a sign “Eviyatar” at what is intended to become a new outpost in memory of the victim, 31-year-old Eviyatar Borovsky of Yitzhar.

“The Zionist response is to deepen Jewish roots in the land,” said Samaria Regional Council chairman Gerhson Mesika. He said he will operate the council’s offices at the site until families are able to move there.

An army previously was located on the hilltop overlooking the Tapuach Junction in northern Samaria.


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