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The Man Behind All The Noise: An Interview with Rabbi Yehuda Levin

12 Heshvan 5771 – October 20, 2010
All last week, Rabbi Yehuda Levin's name appeared in the news as the man behind gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's widely-reported remarks opposing gay marriage and homosexuality. After a maelstrom of criticism, Paladino apologized to the gay and lesbian community, prompting Rabbi Levin to sever his ties with the Republican candidate.

The Ongoing Denigration Of Singles

9 Elul 5770 – August 18, 2010
A great human tragedy is taking place before our eyes, yet few can see it. A singles event in Jerusalem, co-sponsored by no fewer than five groups or organizations, advertised the following: "Ask yourself this question: Do you really want to get married? If the answer is NO, then carry on having a good time going to all those parties, Shabbat meals, lectures, supermarket aisles . If the answer is YES, then we'll see you at the MEGA EVENT."

‘Her Heart And Soul Are Wrapped Up In Love Of Israel’: An Interview with...

13 Sivan 5770 – May 26, 2010
Perhaps it was inevitable. Ever since her address at the Republican National Convention two years ago, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has been popular among many Orthodox Jews. A month after the convention, a "Sarah Palin Wig" went on sale on Sheitel.com. Now, as worry increases in the Jewish community over President Obama's Middle East policies, a group of Jews have banded together to create Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin (JewsforSarah.com).

Pluralism Is Not One-Dimensional

26 Adar 5770 – March 11, 2010
"Pluralism" has a reassuring tone. "Live and let live," people tell each other, and many religious groups - including Orthodox Jews - have flourished in America as a result.

School Board Member: Sectarian Claim Is Without Basis

20 Elul 5769 – September 9, 2009
According to the plaintiffs of a recent federal lawsuit, a conspiracy is brewing in the Five Towns. The plaintiffs allege that Lawrence's Board of Education has tried to "convert the [school board] into an Orthodox ruling committee, and to establish Orthodox Judaism as the official religion" of Lawrence.

Sanctification Or Desecration

16 Tammuz 5769 – July 8, 2009
Everyone seems to be obsessed with Jews. Although numerically we are an insignificant minority of the world's population, the media focus like lasers on everything we say and do.

The Formula For Matchmaking

11 Sivan 5769 – June 3, 2009
About 10 years ago, I went to Israel for a brief visit and met up with the Kuper family, old friends I hadn't seen for many years.

America’s Unorthodox Orthodox Jews: A Conversation With Professor Jeffrey Gurock

26 Iyyar 5769 – May 20, 2009
He put on tefillin every day. He was rarely absent from shul. He ate only kosher. But during the busy season in the garment industry, this Bronx Jew who grew up in the first half of the 20th century worked on Shabbat. Can such a person be considered an Orthodox Jew?

Part 15 – Signs of a Controlling Personality

19 Iyyar 5769 – May 13, 2009
Here are some of the ways to know whether you are in a controlling relationship:

One United Religious Party

4 Tevet 5769 – December 31, 2008
That was what we were promised - "one united religious political party." It did not last too long.

Voted Out

13 Kislev 5769 – December 10, 2008
Last week, I raised my hand holding my little red voting card and voted myself out of office.

Title: Dalet Amot

8 Av 5766 – August 2, 2006
Title: Dalet AmotAuthor: Rabbi Ari Enkin         A breezy refresher course in some basics about Judaism, Dalet Amot is a necessary addition to bookshelves in...

Title: Diamond Stories, Enduring Change On 47th Street

25 Sivan 5766 – June 21, 2006
"There were these two diamond dealers negotiating over a diamond.

Bush, Jews And Democrats (Part X)

20 Tevet 5763 – December 25, 2002
Jewish voters gave Bill Clinton 78 percent of their votes in 1992 and again in 1996 - at the time the best showing by a presidential candidate among Jews since Hubert Humphrey won 81 percent of the Jewish vote in 1968 - and their love for Clinton never dimmed during the course of his tumultuous presidency.

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