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Personal Bodyguard: Arafat Lied When Condemning Murder of Civilians

8 Nisan 5774 – April 7, 2014
The Peace Process dummies think that Arabs play by Western rules while Islam says “you are allowed to lie in politics.”

Israel And Its Enemies: Future Wars And Forceful Options (Second of Three...

20 Heshvan 5772 – November 17, 2011
At the conclusion of the recent [Editor’s Note: the first] Gulf War [Operation Desert Storm], the Bush administration announced plans to sell Saudi Arabia, a country of six million inhabitants, an arms package including over 500 tanks, 48 F-15 fighter planes, Apache helicopter gunships, more than 30 Patriot batteries, tens of thousands of armored vehicles, multiple rocket-launchers and command/control systems.

Israel And Its Enemies: Future Wars And Forceful Options (First of Three Parts)

15 Heshvan 5772 – November 12, 2011
As the continuing flow of new missiles to Iran reveals, the Bush administration [Editors Note: This refers to first President Bush] remains committed to misconceived policies in the Middle East. Even if Israel were to yield West Bank and Gaza to create a new state of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, the government in Tehran would persist in its planned aggressions against the Jewish state. Altogether unconcerned with the fate of the Palestinians, this government can be satisfied only by Israel's disappearance.

Jews Mostly Comfortable With Obama’s Early Appointees

28 Heshvan 5769 – November 26, 2008
WASHINGTON - Barack Obama's "team of rivals" is turning into a collection well known to the Jewish community, which should comfort those who expressed apprehension about the president-elect's possible Cabinet choices.

And The Losers Are…

12 Nisan 5768 – April 16, 2008
The Media Research Center dispensed its 2008 DisHonors Awards last week in Washington. Needless to say, the “honorees” – those whom a panel of 16 media observers deemed the country’s “Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters” – were not on hand to accept accolades from presenters such as columnists Cal Thomas and Ann Coulter and radio host Mark Levin. The winners were selected by a panel of 16 media observers including Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and Steve Forbes.

Fundamental Errors In U.S. Middle East Policy The (Still) Multiple Dangers Of ‘Palestine’

4 Kislev 5768 – November 14, 2007
One must wonder: Is current U.S. policy on the "Road Map" merely the result of a foolish consistency, or is something much more sinister going on? After all, President Bush and Secretary of State Rice remain determined to birth a viable Palestinian state, one that would be part of an altogether mythical "two-state solution."

The Iraq Tragedy And The Death Of Idealism

29 Kislev 5767 – December 20, 2006
The failure of the noble American effort in Iraq marks the death of modern political idealism.

Open Letter To President Bush From The Israeli Left

18 Sivan 5766 – June 14, 2006
Dear Mr. President, We, members of Meretz, Israeli Professors for Palestinian Liberation, Peace Now and Tikkun, are horrified. We are simply outraged.

Letters To The Editor

26 Iyyar 5766 – May 24, 2006
Unfair Depiction Steven Plaut's description of France in his article "Le Bouffon Grandiose" (op-ed, May 5,) does not fit the facts.First, actor Dieudonn?'s provocative...

Letters To The Editor

9 Iyyar 5765 – May 18, 2005
U.S. Jews' PrioritiesHillel Halkin's May 13 op-ed ("The Bush Conundrum") was the best defense of President Bush I've read anywhere. The only problem is...

Letters To The Editor

4 Kislev 5765 – November 17, 2004
Jewish Apathy (I)The vehement, sometimes violent, reaction Mr. Ishmael Khaldi experienced in response to his support for Israel ("Israeli Bedouin: American Jewish Apathy Shocks...

Letters To The Editor

28 Heshvan 5765 – November 12, 2004
When Sharon Was SharonSome words from Ariel Sharon's 1995 eulogy for Ofrah Felix, who was murdered by terrorists:"I remember her as a little girl...

Letters To The Editor

26 Heshvan 5765 – November 10, 2004
Unite Behind The WinnerDuring a Thursday morning interview on ABC's "Good Morning America," Boston Red Sox pitching star Curt Schilling looked into the camera...

Letters To The Editor

12 Heshvan 5765 – October 27, 2004
Selective And DeceptiveI thought your readers would be interested in the following letter that I sent to The New York Times.Ed KochNew York, NYTo...

Letters To The Editor

5 Heshvan 5765 – October 20, 2004
Rather Lame ApologyIt's ironic that Dan Rather's mea culpa concerning the forged memos has come amidst the aseret yemei teshuva. But when one considers...

Title: Why Lincoln Matters

17 Av 5764 – August 4, 2004
If the title suggests that this is a book about Abraham Lincoln - you've been tricked!

Letters To The Editor

3 Adar 5764 – February 25, 2004
Supports Bush, But Criticism OKI agree with Assemblyman Dov Hikind that George W. Bush seems the best choice for the Jewish community ("No Choice...

Letters To The Editor

24 Kislev 5764 – December 19, 2003
A Vote For BushGeorge Rubin's letter last week ("Second Term For W?") responding to Craig Bergman ("Don't Prove Baker Right," Letters, October 31) was...

Letters To The Editor

26 Heshvan 5764 – November 21, 2003
Better Use For F-15sThe Sharon government was justifiably praised by Jewish commentators for the symbolic flyover by three IAF F-15s over Auschwitz recently.Yet, these...

Letters To The Editor

12 Heshvan 5764 – November 7, 2003
Bush Deserves BetterWith his refusal to follow the lead of the so-called international community and his supportof Israel's right to strike at terrorists in...

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