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The Soul of Israel: Leap Over Mountains this Passover [audio]

Get inspired for one of the highest potential moments throughout the year. Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares some critical pre-Seder insights today on The Soul of Israel.

The Soul of Israel: Owning the Land with Favor [audio]

Learn about the strange deathbed requests of our forefather Jacob and the secrets that lie within with Rabbis Shlomo Katz and Ari Abramowitz today on The Soul of Israel.

The Soul of Israel: Avraham’s Journey to Discovering the One God of Israel [audio]

Today on The Soul of Israel Shlomo Katz and Jeremy Gimpel delve into this week’s Torah portion with insight from some of the most cherished Ancient Jewish sources.

The Soul of Israel: When Children Hear We Love Them Through Someone Else [audio]

The story of Balak and Bilam is one of the most bizarre stories found throughout the Torah. Today on The Soul of Israel Rabbi's Shlomo Katz and Jeremy Gimpel discuss this week's Torah portion.

The Soul of Israel: Sanctifying the Soul [audio]

On today's The Soul of Israel Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares inspiration and illumination that is sure to uplift the spirit and sanctify the soul.

The Soul of Israel: What is Jewish Mindfulness? [audio]

Learn mysterious verse from this week’s Torah Portion and unveil ancient Jewish traditions in prayer, meditation and mindfulness on today's The Soul of Israel with Rabbi's Shlomo Katz, Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel.

The Soul of Israel: Take One More Look Before Redemption [audio]

Why does God ask the Jewish people to make a u-turn and head back towards Egypt before the miraculous parting of the Red Sea? Rabbi Shlomo Katz is joined by Rabbi's Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel to discuss Parshat Beshalac on The Soul of Israel.

The Soul of Israel: Liberation of the Mind [audio]

Unlock the secret to liberating your mind from the distractions which prevent us from living lives of purpose, purity, and passion. On The Soul of Israel with Rabbi's Shlomo Katz and Ari Abramowitz.

The Soul of Israel: Are You Living Your Name? [audio]

On today's The Soul of Israel Rav. Shlomo Katz along with Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz reveals pearls of inspiration and wisdom from this weeks Torah portion.

The Soul of Israel: Do You Have the Eyes to See? [audio]

How can we remove the constraints, eliminate the impediments & open the gates to live a life of presence, abundance & gratitude? On this week's The Soul of Israel with Shlomo Katz and guests Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel on The Land of Israel Network.

The Soul of Israel: The Tragedy of Politics within the Family [audio]

This week on The Soul of Israel - Shlomo Katz שלמה כ"ץ and Ari Abramowitz delve into this weeks Parsha Matot by reminding ourselves what family truly feels like.

Pre-Chanukah Thoughts With Rabbi Shlomo Katz

Yishai presents audio from a recent talk given by scholar and musician Rabbi Shlomo Katz. Rabbi Katz talks about preparations for Chanukah from a Torah mindset and gives a unique perspective, fueled by the teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

Torah Video From Israel for Parshat Naso (ENGLISH)

JewishPress.com presents two weekly Parsha video series in English made in Israel by young rabbis determined to reach out to inspire the world from...

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