Yankel And Leah – Chapter Eighteen

Leah feigned tossing a coffee cup at him. Yankel was concerned that people should see this kallus rosh, this sweet lightheadedness between them. It wasn’t proper to be standing in front of the yeshiva talking in this way with Leah.

Dear Dr. Yael

Imagine that your mother-in-law is putting you down. You, in turn, find something to compliment her on and change the topic. There is a very good chance that your positivity, in response to your mother-in-law’s negativity, will completely surprise her and render her mute.

US-sponsored anti-Israel UN Security Council Statement – acumen

The US has sacrificed Middle East reality on the altar of wishful thinking

Hamas to Israel: ‘We Overthrew Your Government, and are Capable of Overthrowing Any Future...

Some highlights from the speech from Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, at today's rally, which marks 35 years since the founding of the terror organization.

Q & A: What’s In A Name? Name Changes Among The Patriarchs (Part I)

Question: We see numerous instances in Scripture where a person’s name was changed. Some people are then always referred to by their new name, while others are not. A case in point is the way we refer to our Patriarchs in the daily Shemoneh Esreh. Why is that so? Abraham Goldman Jerusalem

Meet the Yamas

Members of the South Yamas special forces counter-terrorist unit seen during a military training operation



Word Prompt – TORAH – Israel Schacter

Think of a classical music concert. While an orchestra can seem crowded and overwhelming to some, even a novice can enjoy the actual music. However, after a while, if you actually listen to the music, study it, and make it part of your daily routine, your appreciation of it will grow exponentially.

Yair Lapid’s Holiday Bloopers

Just as worrisome as his ignorance of rudimentary Judaism is the fact that Israel’s interim prime minister isn’t even capable of pulling off the rabbinic pretense. One can hardly wait to hear what cringe-worthy pearls he’s prepared for Sukkot.

New Year without Baggage – News From The Torah [audio]

As we start a new year and face Yom Kippur join us to discuss how we can make this year more peaceful, successful and beautiful by leaving all of the baggage behind us.

IDF’s Laughable Attempt at Rewriting History on Syria

Despite what it would have you believe, the Israeli military’s intelligence analysts put the Syrian nuclear issue on the back burner until the nuclear reactor was discovered almost by happenstance.

Iranian Wrestling Champion Praises Adolf Hitler as His Inspiration

Greco-Roman wrestling champion Mohammad Ali Geraei called Hitler an inspirational leader in a recent interview with a sports news outlet.

The Success of Political Zionism – The Jay Shapiro Show [audio]

The State of Israel was created fifty years after the first Zionist Congress. This was an unprecedented success of historical magnitude

To What Can He Be Compared …?

Beautiful leaves and reaching limbs without a strong foundation will simply cause the tree to fall, just as vanity rather than wisdom can bring down a man, a country, a people.

IAF’s F-35s Fully Operational Again, Participated in Operation Breaking Dawn

The fighter planes underwent extensive checks to eliminate the possibility of a malfunction in the plane’s ejector seat,

Will Americans Learn What Israelis Already Know?


Part III: Approaching the Holocaust as A Moral Choice 

As soon as an Einsatzgruppe unit entered a town, it began “a deadly stranglehold” on the Jewish residents murdering thousands of them “...no brutality was too base, no trick to mean, no barbarity too disgusting, if it allowed them to raise their grim tally.”

Children are Free to Roam – Returning Home [audio]

Natalie spends this episode sharing parts of her week with us....

Study: Olive Trees First Domesticated 7,000 Years Ago in Jordan Valley

This is the earliest evidence of the olive's domestication anywhere in the world.

Israeli Astronaut Eytan Stibbe Heads Back to Earth After 15 Days on the ISS

During their historic mission, Stibbe and the three other members of the Ax-1 crew conducted experiments for more than 25 research projects with international partners, including the Ramon Foundation, the Mayo Clinic and the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The Slap Heard Around the World – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steve and Matt talk about the slap heard round the world, unforeseen challenges of obeying a particular commandment from G-d, the Israeli Women's Ice Hockey team, movies banned in Lebanon, and much more.

IDF Soldier Hurt in Terror Ramming Attack Near Halamish in Benjamin Region

A 19-year-old Israeli sustained moderate injuries to his legs.

The Ascent of the Crybully in Campus Anti-Israel Activism

In the fantasy world of toxic anti-Israel activists, they are always the victim.

Larry’s Letters: The Audacity of Dissent: Ilhan Omar and Criticism of Israel

So if Israel has successfully integrated its Arab population, why is there an assumption that it has a malevolent attitude towards the Palestinians living in self-governing areas?

We DIDN’T Choose this Mutant Government, BUT We Wish it Success

A Bennett-Lapid-Abbas government in no way reflects the will of the voters as it was expressed on March 23, but we have no choice other than to hope for an orderly transfer of power.

A Funny Thing Happened to me in my Local Pharmacy Today

As Rav Kahane always said, "the Arabs understand him and he them, but both don't understand the Leftist.

ZOA Slams Troubling Tweets on Holocaust and Attack on Jewish State of Israel

{Reposted from the ZOA website} Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein blasted the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFA) as well as Rep. Ilhan...

Larry’s Letters: Palestinians and Israelis Both Vote Soon. The Differences Are Stark.

A binational state in which one group wants democracy and the other rejects democracy is untenable


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