Israeli Astronaut Eytan Stibbe Heads Back to Earth After 15 Days on the ISS

During their historic mission, Stibbe and the three other members of the Ax-1 crew conducted experiments for more than 25 research projects with international partners, including the Ramon Foundation, the Mayo Clinic and the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The Slap Heard Around the World – Lighten Up! [audio]

This week Steve and Matt talk about the slap heard round the world, unforeseen challenges of obeying a particular commandment from G-d, the Israeli Women's Ice Hockey team, movies banned in Lebanon, and much more.

IDF Soldier Hurt in Terror Ramming Attack Near Halamish in Benjamin Region

A 19-year-old Israeli sustained moderate injuries to his legs.

The Ascent of the Crybully in Campus Anti-Israel Activism

In the fantasy world of toxic anti-Israel activists, they are always the victim.

Larry’s Letters: The Audacity of Dissent: Ilhan Omar and Criticism of Israel

So if Israel has successfully integrated its Arab population, why is there an assumption that it has a malevolent attitude towards the Palestinians living in self-governing areas?

We DIDN’T Choose this Mutant Government, BUT We Wish it Success

A Bennett-Lapid-Abbas government in no way reflects the will of the voters as it was expressed on March 23, but we have no choice other than to hope for an orderly transfer of power.

A Funny Thing Happened to me in my Local Pharmacy Today

As Rav Kahane always said, "the Arabs understand him and he them, but both don't understand the Leftist.

ZOA Slams Troubling Tweets on Holocaust and Attack on Jewish State of Israel

{Reposted from the ZOA website} Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein blasted the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFA) as well as Rep. Ilhan...

Larry’s Letters: Palestinians and Israelis Both Vote Soon. The Differences Are Stark.

A binational state in which one group wants democracy and the other rejects democracy is untenable

Insufficient Diplomatic Strength to Stop Iran

There is no indication that the U.S. and Europe understand what they are facing

138,000 Points Suddenly Awarded To Losing Team At Halftime

More than covering the difference, loser TRUMPS leader with gift.

When the Ties that Bind Need to be Cut

I want to focus on the end of the exile in this week’s parsha, and how similar it is to the end of Ya’akov’s exile in the house of Lavan
Daniel Pearl

US Says It’s Ready to Prosecute Daniel Pearl Murder Suspect

The United States announced a grand-jury indictment against Omar Sheikh for acts of terrorism.

Time Magazine “Objective Backgrounder” –More BDS BS

he article tries to make BDS appear to be only against "settlements" and not Israel's existence as a whole. BDS has nothing at all to do with the ICJ opinion.

Is It Proper…? What level of priority should a frum Jew give to studying...

What level of priority should a frum Jew give to studying sefarim like Koheles, Shir HaShirim, and Iyov?

Jewish Day Schools Discuss Challenges During Covid

“In the beginning it was very inspiring and moving,” said panelist Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz, associate principal at SAR High School in Riverdale. “But that was then, and you know what? Now it just feels like a really long grind.

Remembering Rabbi Sacks

Perhaps one of his favorite ideas emerges from neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, whose work helped shift the way we view the relationship between intellect and emotion, and also serves as a paradigm to help us better understand an important part of Rabbi Sacks’ legacy.

Report: Under Sudan Peace Deal, Illegal Migrants in Israel May be Sent Home

“We are not afraid of being returned. We hope the agreement with Israel points to the current situation in Sudan,” says Sudanese asylum seeker.

A Jewish Vision For Society

The chapters on education and socio-mystical justice, humanism, and ecology were, in my view, particularly salient and timely...

Is It Proper…? If parents disagree with something their child learned in school, should...

If parents disagree with something their child learned in school, should they say something? Or is it better for them to bite their lip and say nothing?

Go Ahead and Stop a Wave – Leap of Faith [audio]

On Today’s Leap of Faith Penina speaks with Chaya Parkoff who shares her journey from a secular Jewish upbringing to a life devoted to Torah. Chaya is a licensed clinical social worker, life coach, motivational speaker, Jewish educator, marathon runner and most recently a kidney donor. Another inspiring episode you don’t want to miss!

It’s All In The Writing

After telling the rabbi about myself and why I was there, he told me that they usually only offered scholarships to people who were just beginning to learn Torah and keep mitzvos.

German Army to Hire Rabbis as Chaplains

After about 100 years, we will install a Jewish military rabbi in the Bundeswehr again. A clear commitment: Jewish life is self-evident in our country."

European Countries Joining Wire Transfer Platform that Bypasses US Sanctions on Iran

The European countries are helping the Iranian regime exactly when the regime is murdering its own citizens.

Suspect Arrested in Vicious Beating of Rabbi in Crown Heights

“The way he jumped toward me, he was determined to kill. No question.”

IDF Blockade Renders Gaza Mosque Unable To Import Candy To Celebrate 9/11 Anniversary

Consumer goods may enter the coastal territory, but only through Israel via the Kerem Shalom facility or through Egypt via the Rafah crossing.

LA Synagogue Vandalized with ‘Free Palestine’ Graffiti on 9/11 Anniversary

Synagogue board member Zev Opos said there have been “small graffiti incidents in the past” at Baba Sale, but never anything large like this.

Second Day of Sderot Festival, ‘Alumni’ Performance Canceled Due to Rocket Fire

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu subsequently called a meeting of the Political-Security Cabinet to discuss the escalation on the northern and southern borders.


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