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Valkyrie Brünnhilde, The Fat Lady Sings: Ted Cruz Drops Out (With Video)

27 Nisan 5776 – May 4, 2016
Cruz did the right thing, despite the nastiness coming out of the Trump camp he showed himself to be a man of class. He will be back.

Ted Cruz Drops Out, Trump Supports Settlement Expansion

It does not mean that Trump is anywhere near easy street come the general elections, with Hillary Clinton leading him by 7 points on average nationally.

Downplaying the Holocaust, A TEDx Talk

30 Sivan 5774 – June 28, 2014
A high school student takes on the NYT's silence on the Holocaust.

TED Publishes Anti-Israel Lies in Interview With Arab Photographer

23 Iyyar 5774 – May 23, 2014
In Eman Mohammed's TED interview were wildly false accounts of IDF ethical standards and actions.

2014: The Year of the Non-Existent Product

1 Shevat 5774 – January 1, 2014
Knowledge is primary, while the physical manifestation of a thought might not need to happen the thought to be meaningful.

Has American Society Become Insanely Hypersensitive?

19 Adar 5773 – February 28, 2013
It is time that this hypersensitivity got toned down. Save it for real racism.

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