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Seven Likud Mayors Break Local Authorities Strike

22 Tevet 5772 – January 17, 2012
The nationwide strike enters its second day, as the Union of Local Authorities seeks to maintain unity.

Beis HaMikdash – Spiritual Power Source

26 Kislev 5772 – December 21, 2011
The Bach, commenting on Tur Shulchan Aruch, explains that the decrees of the Yivanim against the Jewish people occurred because the Jewish people became “lax in their service.”

Anti-Semitism On The March In European Politics

27 Heshvan 5772 – November 23, 2011
Anti-Semitic and other criminal worldviews received greater legitimization in the European Union with the recent inclusion of the Laos (The Popular Orthodox Rally) Party in the Greek government.

Southern Jews and the Confederacy

17 Av 5770 – July 28, 2010
Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell's recent proclamation of Confederate History Month provoked a firestorm of criticism, with many accusing him and those who commemorate their Southern ancestors' bravery of ignoring or even defending slavery.

Desecration At The Ohel Of Rabbi Elimelech Of Lejask

5 Adar II 5768 – March 12, 2008
It was only last week that thousands of Chassidim went to Lejask (Lizhensk) in order to commemorate the 222nd yahrzeit of the tzaddik, Noam Elimelech of Lejask (1717-1786).

General Grant’s Expulsion Of The Jews

28 Adar I 5768 – March 5, 2008
While the Civil War was raging at the end of 1862, General Ulysses S. Grant sent the following letter to the Assistant Secretary of War:

Shame of the Yankees – America’s Worst Anti-Jewish Action

24 Heshvan 5767 – November 15, 2006
This year, the second day of Chanukah will coincide with the 144th anniversary of the worst official act of anti-Semitism in American history.

Jewish Soldiers Observe Pesach During The Civil War

21 Adar II 5765 – April 1, 2005
In the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries Jews in America did not face the level of discrimination encountered by their brothers and sisters living in other lands.

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