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Every year at the Seder, Jews around the world say “Next Year in Jerusalem!”, and every year they think of reasons why the time is not right for them to fulfil the Jewish dream! Another grandchild on the way, a surgery that you need to take care of, it’s not a great time to sell – there’s always something! However, given the current state of the world – increasing antisemitism, global insecurity and rising prices – there has really never been a better time to move to Israel!

Israel has a strong economy, excellent healthcare, amazing support systems for new immigrants, and instant communications via Zoom to stay in touch with friends and family overseas. If the numbers add up and you can make it work financially, there is really no reason to wait!


The standard of living for religious seniors in Israel has been increasing year-on-year, with improvements in Mehadrin facilities and world-leading medical care. Today, you can enjoy a superb quality of life and spend your Golden Years in the City of Gold!

The Tovei Ha’ir Residence in Jerusalem offers you a luxurious serviced apartment with Mehadrin kosher facilities for an active social life in secure surroundings. We have a wonderful team of caring staff who are dedicated to keeping you safe and healthy, including expert on-site medical care 24/7.

Our residents enjoy daily minyanim and a rich intellectual and cultural program including Torah shiurim, social events and cultural activities in English and Hebrew. You can use the separate swimming pool, spa and gym, and choose to eat in our chef-run dining room, or enjoy some peace and quiet on the sunny balcony of your own private apartment. This arrangement works perfectly for many couples where one partner is more socially active than the other.

70% of our residents are native English-speakers who have made Aliyah to Israel. Some have lived here for many years and have chosen to move into the Residence so as not to become a burden on their children and grandchildren. Others have immigrated as retirees, seeking a better quality of life, a new community with similar interests, or a fresh start in life after their partner has passed. Whatever their motivation in joining the Beit Tovei Ha’ir community, they have created a supportive extended family for one another.

During the COVID pandemic, our residents were able to socialize together in a safe bubble, and they were cared for by our dedicated staff. Even those who were infected with the virus were able to stay in their own apartments and receive excellent medical care around the clock.

Today, we are happy that we can once again organize group outings to cultural sites around Israel, and we recently hosted an amazing Jewish music conference. It’s great to be able to celebrate normal life and to appreciate the freedoms that we used to take for granted!

The Beit Tovei Ha’ir community is active and vocal. They are involved in local activities organized by the Jerusalem Municipality, and they enjoy living in the center of the most magical city in the world. Some of our English-speaking residents are active on the residents’ committee, liaising with the dining room chef to ensure that the food is to their taste, and ensuring that the services provided are up to the standards that they expect!

Chaya Subar has lived in the Residence for nine years and heads the Residents’ Committee. Before retirement she worked in America training health care professionals, and she is very impressed by the caring attitude of the Beit Tovei Ha’ir staff toward the residents. Hensha Gansbourg chose to make Aliyah to the Residence because she wanted to live in an observant community with activities to keep her busy and friends to eat her meals with. (You can see Chaya and Hensha and other residents on the Beit Tovei You Tube Channel!)

If the idea of moving to Israel sounds intimidating, Beit Tovei Ha’ir has a dedicated Aliyah guidance counsellor to help you with all the technicalities. We’re here to help you to fulfil the Jewish dream and move to Jerusalem.

This summer, we are offering potential new residents a three-month trial stay with a refundable deposit, or a week-long trial stay for just 999 NIS. Come and join your family and friends, or come and make new friends and enjoy your golden years in Israel’s premier religious retirement community.

For details, visit or call our Aliyah counsellor Binyamin Margo at +972-54-446-5276


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