Photo Credit: Alma Center
A map illustrating the area under contention between Israel and Lebanon.

Lebanon-Israel-US mediator Amos Hochstein agrees to return to Lebanon and resume the negotiations with Israel regarding the maritime border, if Lebanon will back down from its claim on point 29.

Lebanese sources reported Wednesday that Amos Hochstein, the US mediator on the maritime border negotiations, informed the Lebanese government that he would be willing to return to Lebanon (as Lebanon recently requested) and resume negotiations on the condition that Lebanon promises not to bring up border point 29 during the talks.


This is a major blow to the new Lebanese claim, strengthening Israel’s position. The US, acting as mediator, publicly announces that it does not recognize Lebanon’s claim on point 29. This also means that it doesn’t recognize Lebanon’s claim on parts of the Israeli “Karish” natural gas field, in which a new offshore rig was just anchored a few days ago.


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