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In 1947, the U.N. General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the partition of Palestine into two states: one Jewish and one Arab. Palestine, of course, is the European name given to the land known otherwise as the Land of Israel, or the Holy Land, holy to Judaism and Christianity. Palestine, the ancient Greek name of the land, was either a transliteration into Greek of the Semitic word “Pleeshteem,” which means “invaders”, referring invaders from Greek islands, which in Greek becomes Pleesteem, or Philistines in English; or means the “land of the wrestler”, which is a literal translation of the term “Land of Israel”. Regardless, it was never the indigenous name of the land, but rather a foreign term, revived by the Romans after suppressing the Jewish revolt in the year 135 (the Bar Kochva Revolt), as a means to erase the Jewish people, as punishment for repeated revolts. At no time in history was there a state of Palestine. Under Ottoman rule (16th to 20th century) there wasn’t even an administrative district called Palestine. Instead, there were several small areas under the general administration of the Beirut district. Palestine in 1947 was under a League of Nations mandate administered by Britain.

The 1947 partition resolution represented the second partition of the land originally earmarked to eventually become the Jewish Homeland. The first partition, arbitrarily done by Britain out of imperialist interest, detached the entire area east of the Jordan River, over 75% of the mandate’s area, closing it to Jews, and given to a British client.


In spite of this being the second time that land meant to be part of the Jewish state was to be detached in order to appease the Arabs – the Jews were so eager to re-establish the Jewish state that they were willing to make painful compromises. The Arab world was not in a compromising mood, and refused to tolerate any Jewish state, regardless of its size. The day after the partition resolution passed, the Arab world declared a war of annihilation on the Jewish community in the Land of Israel, starting first with the local Arabs, aided by the Arab states with volunteers and military equipment, and continuing later on with the invasion of regular army troops from at least six Arab countries.

Let it be absolutely clear: the war – and the subsequent Arab-Israeli wars – all stemmed from Arab intolerance of a Jewish state, and Arab intransigence on this point.

Just recently the president of the [Arab] Palestinian Authority once again made clear the red lines for “peace” negotiations, such as there might be:
The Palestinian state will be ethnically cleansed of all Jews; There will be no recognition of Israel as the Jewish state.

There is sadly nothing new in this. At the end of the 1947-1949 war initiated by Arab rejectionist policy, in the areas under Arab rule in the Holy Land there were no Jews left. They were either expelled, as in the Old City of Jerusalem, or massacred after surrender, as in the Kfar Etzion kibbutz, or fled from suffering a similar fate. In contrast: in the areas under Jewish rule, over 156,000 Arabs remained.

So, WHO committed ethnic cleansing?

The answer is the Arab side, which today again declares that no Jews would be allowed to remain in Judea and Samaria, if an independent Arab state will be established here, just as the Arab states were basically ethnically cleansed of the Jews. In contrast: Israel is expected to be a state containing a sizable Arab minority, while pressured into accepting more Arab “refugees”, so as to turn the Jews into a minority in our own homeland! Israel doesn’t oppose having an Arab minority, but the immorality of the proposal to ethnically cleanse Judea and Samaria from its Jews should provoke all good people to rebel against this gross injustice.

The basic root of the problem hasn’t changed in 68 years: the Arab refusal to recognize the Jewish right to national self-determination in our ancestral homeland. No peace process using whatever tactics can succeed until this core issue is addressed in absolute terms. If you really wish to be a voice for peace – impress upon the Arab side the justice, the morality and the need to accept the state of Israel as the Jewish state.


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Dovid Ben-Meir made aliyah after high school in Chicago. He received smicha, from the Chief Rabbis of Israel, Rabbi Avraham Shapira and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu. He served as the rabbi of a "garin torani" - a group of families that moved to Eilat and were active in Jewish education in the city. A teacher and Rav in several yeshivot, he guides occasionally both in the Western Wall Tunnels and at the site of Ancient Shiloh. Together he and his wife Chana have children and fifteen grandchildren, all of whom live in Israel.


  1. Some people, such as yourself, have a grasp of the history of Israel in the 21st Century. This is another analysis not containing the slightest clue as to actually solve the genocidal threat of millions of overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians living on the tiny strip of land west of the Jordan River.
    From 1949-1967, they were Jordanians and Egyptians. Israel has since then refused to win the Six-day war by appropriately repatriating this overwhelmingly genocidal population.
    By the way, I reject labeling them Arabs. It isn't their ethnicity that makes them overwhelmingly genocidal. It's their religion, Islam. See for explantions. is a great resource for knowledge of the OGMSPs.
    Allowing them & the Orthodox Muslim Israelis to remain in Israel, which legally is all of the land west of the Jordan River, has caused the death, injury, displacement, indirect & direct harm to & dispossession of millions of innocent people.
    This impossibly suicidal policy of appeasement & the giving of every imaginable type of aid & comfort is nothing but ongoing treason of the worst sort.
    Every innocent person harmed & all of the hundreds of billions of dollars of national treasure lost is the exclusive responsibility of Netanyahu & his cowardly ignorant predecessors.
    As the cursed cowardly arch-terrorist, Abbas, celebrates the mass-stabbing attack on innocent Israelis at the funeral of the terrorist cowardly filth that perpetrated this atrocity, Netanyahu goes on praising countries for working to make a deal with this viper. HOW STUPID, HOW COWARDLY, HOW EVIL.

  2. For this self-destructive continuing policy I would blame the lack of confidence, the sense that Israel can't stand on its own feet but needs constant support, acknowledgement from other "power brokers".
    As a result those power brokers can push and pull the Jewish Nation as they want according to their selfish interest.

    Thus in order to start taking our fate into our own hands we need confidence, belief in ourselves.
    And that can only be achieved by the legendary, "supernatural" – above the inherent differences, argumentative nature, above distrust and unfounded hatred – unity and mutual guarantee.

    We won't be able to solve any problems, secure our right to exist until we revive that unity and mutual guarantee.

  3. Israel's political elite, empowered for life by Israel's horrific political system, have long been examples of Jews who were removed from living among the nations but who've never left psychologically.
    None of them have been genuinely observant of Judaism or of its call to exhibit The Pride of Yaakov (Jacob). Its call to supersede the need to be sensitive to the non-Jewish world when lives are at stake.
    Its call to truly without limit value Jewish lives and the lives of all innocent people over that of a population of extremely hostile overwhelmingly genocidal mythical people.

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