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    Half a Loaf

    When I came to live in Israel decades ago it seemed as if there was a neighborhood grocery on almost every street. You could...

    Rosh Hashana: Recalled to Life

    Here in Israel we are living once again, the past around us, the future before us; in the diaspora, the exile, the past is so very far distant in the past and the future is buried as long as Jews choose to remain buried.

    Is Israel a Colony?

    The only one reason that Jews came to the land of Israel was because it was home that is central to their religion, beliefs, hopes and lives. As to the imperial question: the only imperialists still in the Middle East are the Islamic Arabs

    Cultural Appropriation

    When I was a kid they hadn't invented "cultural appropriation" yet. Instead we were allowed to take anything from any culture, since all humanity was one big family, and imitating someone was a high sign of respect. Since then copying something from another culture has supposedly become an alleged crime against humanity, somehow.

    First Wrong, then Hate

    The evil planned and partially perpetrated against the Jews, in Israel, is one of the causes that drive Arab society's hatred of Jewish Israel.

    My Peace Plan: Part Two

    People should no longer be held hostage to a political plan to destroy Israel or return to homes that haven't existed in decades--if ever.

    The Kotel and All Jews

    1% of Israeli synagogues aren't Orthodox. An overwhelming majority of Israelis are either Ultra-Orthodox, Orthodox, or traditional – and the synagogue they go to on occasion is the traditional Orthodox synagogue

    My Peace Plan: Part One

    Sometimes what seems the least acceptable proposal is actually the only real proposal, in contact with reality and morality. So here goes, here are some of the principles of my Peace Plan for real progress in the Arab-Israeli Conflict:

    Jerusalem My Jerusalem

    Do Christianity and Islam have the same relations, laws and customs regarding Jerusalem? I'm not an expert, but to the best of my knowledge the answer is: no.

    The Restoration of Jewish Sovereignty in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)

    Fifty years, the number of years of the Jubilee cycle, is a significant time post. I believe all honest, truth loving and justice seeking people in the world should join us in rejoicing

    We Cannot Build on Palestinian Lands

    As there never was an independent, Arabic state called Palestine, there cannot be any Palestinian territory. The Arabs in fact rejected the UN Partition Plan which would have given them that state

    Sue the Universe!

    "Lawfare" at its finest: The Palestinian Authority intends to sue the British government because of the Balfour Declaration

    The Clueless Experts

    Pundits, who with bias and hubris appoint themselves the world's arbiters probably have little real knowledge-at best-about the reality in the Middle East in general or Israel in particular

    The New York Times Declares War on the Jewish State of Israel

    UNESCO reminds us once again – as if we needed reminding – that the UN is hugely populated with four types of nations: the brainless scare-crow, the heartless tin-man, the cowardly lion and Dorothy.

    The UNESCO Follies

    The Hebrew Bible (Tanach) mentions Jerusalem more than 660 times. The Qur'an – zero (0). That is a VERY lopsided boxscore.

    There Are No Palestinian Lands

    Some on the left have become confused, absorbing the false Arab narrative about "Palestinian lands," though never in history has there existed either a Palestinian people or an Arab Palestinian state

    The Emperor’s Clothes and Stating the Truth

    PM Netanyahu clearly pointed out in the video that the Palestinian authority's demand for a Jew-free, 'Judenrein' area is called ethnic cleansing and is a crime against morality and humanity.

    Religion and War?

    Those who claim to be pluralists and reject religion, regard all religions as equally guilty of preaching war. But are they?

    Positive Nationalism and Negative Nationalism

    There never was nor will be, an Arab Palestine, because so-called Palestinian nationalism exists not because of an authentic history but because it was created to increase hatred of the Jewish nation

    Vive La France-But their Conference?

    What motivated France to initiate this conference? Is it deeply-rooted anti-Semitism? Appease the Muslims so that perhaps France will cease to be a target for Islamic terrorism?

    Two States for Me, None For You

    The root of the Israel-Arab problem hasn't changed in 68 years: Arab refusal to recognize the Jewish right to national self-determination in our ancestral homeland.

    What Do Jews in Judea and Samaria Think About Their Arab Neighbors?

    Racism in thought, hatred in feeling or damage to life and property in practice, are all the opposite of the basic spiritual and moral fundamentals of the "settler" movement's perspective

    What is a “Settler”?

    Why is the term "settlements" used to describe Jewish communities in a land where the Jewish nation and Judaism thrived from time immemorial?

    A Melody of Misinformation

    Sorry Melody, Palestine before 1948 and the declaration of the State of Israel generally meant 'Jewish.'

    A Pre-Occupation with an Occupation that Doesn’t Exist!

    The legal definition of occupation is limited to land formerly been under the legal control of another sovereign state, therefore NONE of Israel is "occupied"


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