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Model Gigi Hadid, who has posted anti-Israel messages on Instagram along with her model sister and her mogul father, reposted a message against antisemitism that comedian Amy Schumer had written.


Ynet also reported that she seems to have removed her older, anti-Israel posts, apparently including accusing Israel of “greed:”


Arab media is very upset about this.  And they seem more upset over her support of the Jewish people than for her removal of her anti-Israel posts. Here is Al Arabiya’s reporting:


Her sister Bella Hadid also wrote her own recent post against antisemitism, but did not appear to make any waves in Arab media for that.
What makes these statements significant is that they may not only be a response to Kanye West’s antisemitism, but from their own father Mohamed’s hate. Three weeks ago, he compared Jews to Nazis on his own Instagram: “Hitler labeled the Jews as terrorist and the Germans believed and cowardly did the crime of the century. And the Zionists labeled the Palestinians terrorists in their own land.” He extended the comparison: “Yet, the Jews got all their money twice from Germany and Poland and other why is this such double standards? How can they decide that that’s their home in Germany? Not only they steal our homes, they demolish them with people in them most of the time and make sure they are humiliated and homeless.”


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