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Alon Govberg (HY"D)

Fifty one year old Alon Govberg was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and made Israel his home twenty years ago. He made Aliyah with his elderly mother and lived alone in East Talpiot, Jerusalem.

Two days ago, Alon was sitting on the local bus that services his neighborhood and is also used heavily by his fellow Jerusalemites from the adjoining Arab neighborhood of Jabal Mukabar. Two of his Arab neighbors paid their fare and then made Alon “pay the price of peace”(coined by Shimon Peres).
They shot and stabbed him to death along with another Jewish fatality and a number of wounded.


Besides his very elderly mother, osee women of mercy sent out a plea for Jews to attend his funeral and be his family.

As I was waiting for the bus to the cemetery, I was approached by a young man with a knitted kippah and a scraggly beard. He asked me if I would like to share a cab to the cemetery. I agreed and we came just in time to join the many hundreds already there. I later asked him, “how did he know that I was going to the funeral”? He said, my orange (Jews do not expel Jews, Gush Katif) bracelet gave it away. ” fit the profile”.

Indeed, amongst those in attendance were about ninety percent of the same old crowd; the ones you see at gatherings for Eretz Yisroel, Lone Soldiers funerals, Jonathan Pollard etc,.. Its the knitted kipa and the long skirt with knapsack crowd. In short, the nation’s next leaders.

In one of the recent knife attacks a thirteen year old Arab from Bet Hanina and his fifteen year old cousin attacked Jews in the neighboring Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood.

Just as in East Talpiot, so too in Pisgat Zeev, it is very natural to see Arabs using transportation,and enjoying the amenities of life in Israel. Who would expect these Arab youths to have big knives hidden in their clothes?
As they exited a sweets store they followed a thirteen year old Jewish boy on his bicycle and stabbed him repeatedly.
Passers by apprehended thirteen year old Ahmed Manasara and he is now being treated for bruises in Hadassah hospital.

Last night, our “peace partner” Mr.Abbas made a speech. The Holocaust denier took a page from his mentor, Goebbels, and followed the “Big Lie” strategy. He held up a picture of little darling Ahmed and exclaimed ,”the Jews executed Ahmed in cold blood for no reason at all.”
All this while, little Ahmed was enjoying the mercy of Jewish nurses and doctors in Hadassah hospital. Jewish food , drink, money and blood – at his service. He will never be prosecuted because he is too young..but not too young to be a hero and model when he is released, and have heroic stories for his grandchildren.

When I went downtown yesterday I noticed a few things. One, the streets and markets were not as full as normal. Fewer Jews dared the wrath of darling Ahmeds. I also noticed almost no Arabs. Jerusalem’s streets have become accustomed to increasing numbers of Arabs as they feel totally comfortable in all parts of the city. (Jews do not dare venture into “their” neighborhoods”).
There is a police blockade on a number of hostile Arab neighborhoods

Yesterday’s absence of Arabs in the Jewish streets brought me back many years, to a time when the sight of an Arab on “our side” was rare. Things have changed.

I mentioned to a number of people,”have you noticed how few Arabs there are on the streets”? You should have seen the broad smiles and looks of relief and joy.
How long will their joy and relief last?

It is up to us – as always.

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Shalom Pollack, a veteran Israeli tour guide, served in the Israeli Navy and lectures on the Mideast.