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Reb Shlomo Carlebach

The whole world’s singing Reb Shlomo’s songs

From New York, Jerusalem to Hong Kong,


Songs that connect Heaven and earth,

Melodies to which Shlomo Carlebach gave birth

Shlomo Carlebach, his body is gone

But his immortal singing spirit lives on

Wherever you go

In every shul at prayer

You’re sure to hear

Shlomo Carlebach’s melodies there.

A thousand songs, a wondrous legacy

Left by Reb Shlomo to posterity

Countless Jewish voices rise in ecstasy

Singing Esa Einei and Ner Leragli.

Countless songs and nigunim

Which Reb Shlomo wrote for us to hymn

Magic melodies to delight our souls

Divinely inspired poured out of him.

Now up in Heaven Reb Shlomo sings

With a chorus of angels for the Heavenly King

He changed our lives with his personality

With his message of love for his people and humanity.

Was Shlomo an angel sent from above

To fill Jewish hearts with his music of love

To make the People of Israel sing and dance

With his sacred music and hypnotic chants?

The whole world’s singing etc…

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