Russians Don’t Believe Putin’s Promise to Enlist ‘Only 300,000 Veterans’ and Flee En Masse

There are no tickets left on El Al’s daily Moscow-Tel Aviv flight until the end of October, and the price is $2,000 one way.

Azerbaijan Accuses Armenia of Renewing Hostilities to Sabotage Its Oil Sales to the West

In 2020, Azerbaijan claimed that its pipeline had been targeted during the Nagorno-Karabakh war.

Clashes Break Out along Azerbaijan’s Border with Armenia

“There are losses among the personnel of the armed forces of Armenia involved in the sabotage operations.”

Pro-Russia Forces in Ukraine Free Captured Israeli

A news report showed him speaking to his wife, then standing in a synagogue praying with tallit and tefillin.

Anti-Putin Rebels Switch to Ukrainian Side, Join ‘Freedom of Russia Legion’

The first volunteers of the Freedom of Russia Legion began individual preliminary training in late March 2022.

As Russian Peacekeepers Leave for Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan Resume Border Clashes

Since the war in Ukraine began, Russia has not been paying attention to events in Karabakh, which encourages flare-ups.

Medvedev: Ukraine May Disappear from World Map

Medvedev promised "Ukrainian criminals will definitely be prosecuted for atrocities committed against the people of Ukraine and Russia."

Everybody Is Happy after Putin-Erdogan-Raisi Meeting in Tehran

Everybody is happy for very different reasons, but, you know, happiness is such a rare commodity these days.

White House Says Iran Sending Armed Drones to Russia for War in Ukraine

In 2021, Iran unveiled its new Kaman 22 UAV which appears to be a copy of the US-made MQ-1 Predator.

Russian Ambassador Covered with Red Paint by Polish Protesters on V-Day

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the Polish government "immediately arrange a wreath-laying ceremony, ensuring complete security against any provocations."

Ukraine Reports Sinking Another Russian Ship in Black Sea

“The traditional parade of the Russian Black Sea fleet on May 9 this year will be held near Snake Island – at the bottom of the sea."

Reason to Panic? Kremlin Declares ‘No One in Russia Is Thinking about Using Nuclear...

Biden’s threat brought to mind the removal of so many world leaders the White House was not happy with.

Lapid Condemns Russian Invasion Directly, Holds Nothing Back

It was probably the most straightforward condemnation by an Israeli senior official of the Russian invasion.

Russian Film Production Forced to Leave Israel Due to Sanctions

The banks in Russia are unable to transfer money to banks in Israel, and the producers can’t shoot the film without cash flow.

Israeli Defense Companies Prepare for Boost in Sales

Report: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increased the demand for advanced technology weapons, particularly combat drones, loitering munitions and missile-defense systems.

Russia Recruiting Syrians to Fight in Ukraine

An Odessa website claims Israeli special forces veterans are arriving in Ukraine to fight the Russians.

Chai Crisis Services’ Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox: Talking to your Children About War

We hope and pray for a speedy solution to the travails in Ukraine, for the world in general, and our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Ukrainian Mayor Sets Bounties for Killing Russian Soldiers

On February, 25 during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the city saw its first battle since WW2.

Israel to Support UN Resolution Condemning Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Israel has established an inter-ministry team that will examine the effects and consequences of the sanctions on Russia on the Israeli economy and policy.

From Weddings and Hygiene Kits: Israeli Orgs Assist Refugees Fleeing War in Ukraine

“As the fighting continues in Ukraine, we can only expect the number of refugees traveling across the country’s western borders to grow,” IsraAid said.

Zelensky: ‘I Don’t Need A Ride, I Need More Ammunition’

Zelensky is “the kind of leader I’d want to go into combat with.”

Ukrainian, Russian Birthright Groups Sheltering in Israel

Unable to return home due to the war, three groups of Birthright Israel participants are being put up in Israel until the situation improves.

Moscow-Jerusalem Coordination in Syria to Continue, Says Russian Embassy

Russia’s military coordination with Israel in Syria is “useful” and will continue, Russia’s embassy to Israel said on Saturday.

Israel Wants to Be the Mediator Between Ukraine and Russia; Bennett-Putin Speak Directly

President Zelensky rejected the offer of talks in Belarus, since Belarus is complicit in the Russian invasion of his country.

Poking the Bear: FM Lapid Condemns Russia for Invading Ukraine

Israel’s highest priority is dealing with its neighbor to the north, Syria, which is protected by Israel's neighbor to the north – Russia.

The Russians Are Coming: Putin Orders Troops into Rogue Districts in Eastern Ukraine

Moscow Times reported Tuesday morning that Russian financial markets opened "in deep red territory" in response to intense sanction fears.

Biden Agrees to Meet Putin to Prevent War in Ukraine

Zelensky had to be aware of an infamous agreement concluded at Munich on September 30, 1938, by Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.

Russian Spokeswoman Asks Journalists for Schedule of Upcoming Russian Invasions to Plan her Vacation

On November 13, 2016, Zakharova caught flack for her acerbic humor and was even accused of antisemitism.


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