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I am definitely verhitzt! (Yiddish for steaming!).

I had the pleasure of guiding a young gentleman who I would describe as a believing Christian and a great supporter of Israel and the Jews as the Chosen People.
He asked me to accompany him up to the Temple Mount among some other Jerusalem sites.


First, I immersed myself in the mikva (ritual bath) and made sure to wear non leather shoes as prescribed by halacha (Torah Law).

We proceeded to the long line waiting at entrance to the mount. There was a large group of yeshiva students who were, not surprisingly, being made to wait for hours as the tourists flitted past them to the Mount. This is common practice unfortunately.

They were suspect; suspect of planning to pray on the holiest site of our faith in our holiest city in our most beloved Jewish country.

I can never get used to this absurd travesty but I was not surprised when I observed it once again.

I therefore made sure to wear a cap and hide my kippa. This subterfuge worked and we were smoothly admitted.

As we entered the mount I saw the usual scene; tourists, ‘Wakf” Muslim officials – the ones who keep an eagle eye out for the stray Jew who slipped through the selection.

We looked harmless enough to the many peering eyes. I noticed the large groups of Muslim women whose job is to accost any Jews who are “caught” looking Jewish. It was eery to be sure but it was not my first time there. As we proceeded, I told my guest,”Are you ready for some action”? I took off my hat and disclosed my kippa. Have you ever seen a bull charge a red cloth, or bees to honey? Well, here is another metaphor; Arabs to a kippa on Temple Mount.

With in seconds they came to life. The women in their head to toe shock troop gear and the “Wakf”, keepers of hate, emerged from every corner and surrounded us. A crescendo of “Allah hu Akbar” filled the air and the walkie talkies began crackling; “Yahud! Yahud!”(Jew! Jew!)

“You must leave the mountain, your time is up” they ordered . I said ,”what time?”. I pointed to other tourist leisurely walking near us.
one finally said, “You are Jewish!.” I said, “yes”. He was sure that this observation was enough of a reason to make us move.
I moved far too slowly for him and a large number of police(ninety percent of the police in the old City are Arabs) and ever higher ranks were called to the “scene of the crime.”

They physically nudged me on in the direction of the gate. I asked “what law did I break?” “Why are other tourists allowed… “?
One said, “Had you identified as a Jew from the beginning (and not get the better of their selection) they would have accompanied me “for my own safety” I said, “OK you may accompany me now for my safety. There are lots of you here”.

I did not receive an answer; just ever increasing threatening signals.

At one point, an older Arab man with a walking stick yelled at me “You are stupid”! I returned the compliment and he had murder in his eyes. A police officer addressed him with great deference and pleaded with him not to do what he obviously wanted to do to me.

Boy, if they could,they would! It would make ISIS look like boy scouts.

We left the mount and saw the group of yeshiva boys dancing and singing outside the gate after being allowed up for a five minute visit( after waiting three hours). They were heavily accompanied by the police to make sure they do not provoke the Muslims by moving their lips in prayer.
I joined these amazing young people in their dance and song as the Muslim she devils did their hate thing next to them.

Turns out, one of the young men was badly hurt by an Arab on the mount. We saw him being accompanied to an ambulance with his arm in a sling. I asked him what happened?. He said an Arab began pushing him and he responded by pouring water on him. At that point the Arab threw him down and pummeled him while the police just looked on.
I have heard of these things happening but to interview the boy in the sling and hear his story after all that I have seen…

My guest certainly did not bargain for this education but he was very grateful and commented, “no one knows what is happening up there! Its unbelievable!

There is one man who is responsible for this “peace keeping status quo” – the prime minister.

Mr. prime minister, if you do not find the strength in our own Torah and the God of our fathers, take a lesson from Churchill. He told Chamberlain,”You think you are trading humiliation for peace. You will have your humiliation – and war”.


(Shalom, will God willing, be in the US in in May for a speaking tour. Feel free to invite him to your venue.)


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Shalom Pollack, a veteran Israeli tour guide, served in the Israeli Navy and lectures on the Mideast.