Photo Credit: Office of President Rivlin
President Rivlin at a "shiva" call to family of terror victim Danny Gonen.

Guess what? i am ticked-off…again!
What happened this time?

Nothing too unusual.
In the last couple of days Jews were attacked again in two separate assaults. One was a fire bombing of a vehicle in Jerusalem and the other was an Arab vehicle mowing down of Jews on the side of the road. The victims are fighting for their lives as I write these lines.
The Arabs are taking their revenge for the killing of an Arab last week – or so the latest rampage is explained by the experts.
These were the reported attacks. Attempted murder by rock throwing upon moving vehicles are hardly reported any more.


We witnessed a week of national mourning, mass rallies, and the pilgrimage of the country’s top leadership to the family of the Arab victim last week.
A witch hunt for anyone who might look like the usual suspects is on. Public enemy number one is a type of Jew of a certain look. It reminds me exactly of the witch hunt after the Rabin assassination.

Then as today, leaders of the accused National Religious sector spare no effort apologizing and assuring an all knowing elite that the almost half million “settlers” and their supporters are still worthy of acceptance in civil society. One prominent rabbi declared that “all our hands shed this blood”

When Jews are killed by Arabs, as they are in exponentially far larger numbers, the Arab side communicates their feelings in the very opposite manner.

Now, it is continually repeated by many of the elites here that we thus separate ourselves from barbarism by not acting as they do. Yes, even as the enemy is encouraged by what they interpret as weakness and even as the killings only increase.

President Ruby Rivlin has drawn lots of attention lately as he made very moving appearances with the Arab victims and declared that “his people are terrorists.”

In a visit with a Jewish family whose son was killed by terrorists – fellow workers at work on a building scaffold, the president threatened to leave when the family asked, “how much longer will Jewish blood be abandoned”?

The question is not shall we stoop to their level and not show remorse over Arab victims, as scarce as they are, but, how much longer can we afford the spilling of blood;both Jewish… and Arab?

The latest round of apologies from the national gut and the accompanying witch hunt is not deterring Arab attacks on Jews. It probably is feeding them.
No concession to the Arabs, not land , medical, educational or any other blandishment of civil society deters their desire to kill Jews. It seems it only increases it.

I had a conversation with an educated Arab (Palestinian,,) woman on the bus a few months ago. I mentioned that life for her under an Israeli government is so much better than in any Arab country. I enumerated the many benefits and special treatment they are afforded by an enlightened Israeli society. She agreed on all counts. So was there a problem?
For sure. “You stole our land. Nothing you can do will change that except returning it and getting out”

As one great observer of the “conflict” explained.”We urge them to appreciate that we made the desert into a garden and now we can share the fruits together.” Yes, they say, but you made it your garden and it was our desert” Thief!

So, “What Now?”

That same great observer observed that there is only one realistic way of avoiding increasing rivers of blood – on both sides
They must go.
Pay them, do anything that works, but as long as they harbor and simmer in the hatred of an aggrieved party, of one whose property has been stolen by a cunning foreign,infidel minority, a despised minority.. there will be no peace.

All else has been tried.


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Shalom Pollack, a veteran Israeli tour guide, served in the Israeli Navy and lectures on the Mideast.