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re: G7 foreign ministers call for ‘humanitarian pauses,’ putting pressure on Israel, Motoko Rich, New York TimesNov. 9, 2023Dear Editor,It would appear that G7 foreign ministers are unaware that Israeli soldiers are protecting fleeing Gazans from Hamas that is shooting Gazans who are depriving it of human shields. A humanitarian pause will give Hamas time to regroup and be more successful at deterring Gazans from fleeing. I would suspect that none of the foreign ministers see the grotesqueness of promoting a pause in fighting that could end up costing more Gazans their lives. G7 Foreign Ministers also seem to be unsympathetic to Israel that has announced that it will not pause until Hamas releases the hostages. One would think that The G7 would support Israel’s effort to save the hostages but that would require the G7 place as much value on Jewish lives as it does on Gazan lives.  Larry Shapiro,


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