Photo Credit: Sent to The Jewish Press by NYU students.
At a rally hosted by NYU SJP. 2023

Nov. 6, 2023President and Trustees at NYUDear President and Trustees,I won’t bore you with the list of the hateful things about Jews Eve Tuck has implied in her pro-Hamas pronouncements, but I would just like to comment on the bizarreness of hiring a person to head NYU’s indigenous Studies department will do all she can to deny Jews their indigeneity in their ancestral home of Israel. Just what we need now, another voice to demonize Jews. There’s not enough rage against Jews out there to satisfy NYU? Does NYU have a death wish, or have you fallen into terminal incompetence in both your hiring practices and in your moral standards?There are Jewish parents all over North America agonizing over whether to send their children back to university. This is dangerously similar to what happened to Jewish students in Nazi Germany. Maybe NYU should set up a department of Nazi pedagogy and the Jews. That at least would teach your students what hating Jews can come to, that is, if you really give a shit.    Sincerely yours,Larry Shapiro,

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