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Jordanian cartoonist showing a resolute Jordanian grasping Palestine and a Jordanian flag

Dear National Post,

The Palestinians have been successful in convincing the caring world that Israel is carrying out an occupation of their land. But there’s a problem with this and that is the Palestinians feel that all of Israel is stolen land so even if you live in Tel Aviv you are an occupier. Don’t take my word for it, study Palestinian school books that call Tel Aviv Tal al-Rabi and omit the word Israel altogether calling the country Palestine. From the River to the Sea mean every square inch belongs to the Palestinians.Confirmation of this information is difficult to access particularly if you don’t speak and read Arabic, the language used by Palestinian leaders to express their true intentions. In English, they often accept the reality of Israel but not one of them agrees that Israel is or can be a Jewish state. More than once Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas has agreed that Israel has the right to exist within borders that he accepts, but he can’t get the words out that it would be a Jewish state.Many pro-Palestinians support the dissolution of Israel but rather than call it stolen land which is pretty brazen, they support a plan called a ‘single state solution’ that would basically turn the region into an anarchic state of two irreconcilable cultures leading to the dismantlement of the IDF and the ascension of Iran into the region’s only superpower and possibly the Twenty-First Century’s first genocide of Jews.  So how has the caring community been duped into accepting the occupation scam? How can people agree that the entire country of Israel no matter in which configuration belongs to the Arabs?There is so much history and archeology that places Jews in their country. The name Jew comes from the ancient land of Judea. For over two thousand years, Jews have been praying to return to Jerusalem. There is nothing remotely like that in the Palestinian culture. It wasn’t even until 1964 that the local Arabs began calling themselves Palestinians.None of this has anything to do with the necessity for both peoples to accept each other’s existence and to deal with each other humanely. This cannot happen until the Palestinians give up their claim to all of Israel which is more unlikely every day because naïve people buying into the occupation narrative are strengthening the Palestinian position.


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