Photo Credit: Wikimedia / JPhillips23
University of Toronto's University College Building

Graduate Student’s Union

University of Toronto


16 Bancroft Avenue,

Toronto, Ontario M5S 2391

Dear Administrators and Members,

I see where you voted against allowing kosher food to be served at U of T because it was proposed by Hillel that you gentlemen and ladies consider pro-Israel and therefore, as the founder of BDS Omar Barghouti stated when describing his goal for Israel, would benefit from being euthanized from U of T.

I’m trying to suppress my impulse to use swear words to describe your absence of tolerance. Moldy little fascists is as profane a term as I will permit myself to use to describe you.

If you really cared about human rights, why have you not voted against Chinese food to protest China’s decimation of the culture and religious infrastructure of its Muslim minority.

Why are you not as interested in China’s Muslims as you are in Israel’s Muslims? I think I have the answer and it’s not complimentary to your group.

If you are prepared to make it impossible for Jewish students to practice their region which includes as it does for Muslim students eating certain foods, then you are the Canadian equivalent of German university faculties and administrators that in the 1930s started discriminating against its Jewish students, leading to their banishment, and then…well you know.

I’m sure you zealots feel no shame for your racist act, nor will you be criticized by U of T’s administration that I suggest feels that any act protecting the dignity and security of its Jewish students would not be worth the physical danger they might encounter from those in the Toronto community hardwired to hate Jews. How witless is your petty act How sad for my country that we have young people so ethically benumbed.

Tours Truly,

Lawrence C. Shapiro,

Formerly a Calgarian and still a proud Canadian now living in the US