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A well-protected Jerusalem Light Rail

The installation of concrete barriers by every train platform yesterday should be a kick in the pants for the Prime Minister, the Security Minister, and just about every other elected official we have.

Iron Dome, that technical miracle, was a failure.


It was a failure because we needed to use it.

It meant that Israel no longer maintained a sufficiently high level of deterrence with out enemies, and as such, they decided they could shoot freely at us, and even as of this week, continue to do so.

It was a failure because as a result of having it, we no longer felt the need to fight to win.

It was a failure because as a result of having it, the world blamed us when we defended ourselves, because,in their eyes, not enough Jews were killed to justify our response.

Now we have “Concrete Box”, a concrete barrier to prevent Arabs from running over Jews at Jerusalem train platforms, because the Arabs in Jerusalem no longer feel deterred from committing terror attacks. Their sick society praises their terrorists, glorifies them, encourages them, and Israel… Israel puts up concrete barriers.

Israel has the means to end this anarchy.

And I don’t mean by shooting down all the Arabs, as some of you are thinking, and perhaps even wishing.

I’m talking about minimum required jail sentences in solitary confinement for the stone throwers and fireworks shooters.

I’m talking about real zero tolerance policies for stone throwers.

I’m talking about massive numbers of Yassam police troops walking through the streets of Jerusalem, including Shuafat, Beit Hanina, Assawiya, A-Tor, and everywhere else the Arabs have brought their anarchy into, and using overwhelming force to quell these rioters when they dare raise their head.

Where’s the Skunk? Where’s the Screamer. They need to be deployed immediately.

Israel knows who many of the Hamas members are in Jerusalem. Send them and their families to their friends in Gaza.

And the Temple Mount must be absolutely closed. Not for some people. Not for everyone under 50. Not for for everyone, except Waqf officials.

Closed. Period. Everyone. No human beings allowed. No Waqf officials. No one.

If Jews can’t go and pray on our holiest site, then certainly no Arab terrorist should be allowed up there to desecrate it under the Waqf’s watchful eyes.

Israel has the legal means to restore deterrence and calm in Jerusalem.

Does the government have the will?


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  1. Jail time? Are you serious? How many times do they have to tell us that they don't fear death and indeed love it as we love life before people get that jail time won't mean squat to them? Just because they weren't being charged and sentenced but rather held on administrative detention doesn't mean they weren't in jail. They don't care.

    Why should these s be a burden on honest citizens (Jews and Arabs alike)? I'd rather my taxes went toward their hospital bills when our troops maim them for throwing rocks and molotovs. There's nothing wrong with shooting at them. Jail time is lose-lose: you jail them, they're a burden on honest citizen's taxes AND when they get out they have no reason to not go back to it. "Gee, Israelis, thanks for paying for me to get an education in chemistry in prison so I can make bombs! Off to the bomb factory now."

    You can either deport them or shoot to maim. Win-win: they are no longer in our country and must be kept out OR they are cripped for life and unable to run around throwing rocks.

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