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PM Benjamin Netanyahu with Yishai and Tamar Fogel, survivors of an Arab terror attack which killed their parents and 3 siblings.

Points this article makes:

– The so called construction surge consisted of a mere 6,062 Jewish-owned homes, built over 4 years.


– Settlements are not allowed to build their fair share of homes compared to the national average and population size.

– Under Netanyahu, settlement construction has slowed down, not increased.

– Under Netanyahu, the settlement population growth rate has slowed down, not increased.

– The AP article discussing settlers and settlements liberally quotes a radical left-wing NGO, but doesn’t quote any settlers or right-wing NGOs.

– Palestinian Authority Arabs have their own government which doesn’t permit them to vote.


All data from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reports, AP claims their data is from the CBS:


Construction Completions: Comparing Judea and Samaria to the National Average 2010-2013

Year National Construction Excluding J&S J&S % from National
2010 33,311 31,641 1,670 5.01%
2011 34,301 32,619 1,682 4.90%
2012 37,569 36,298 1,271 3.38%
2013 42,668 41,229 1,439 3.37%
Total 147,849 141,787 6,062 Average: 4.10%


Population Sizes: Comparing Judea and Samaria to the National Average 2008-2013

Year National Population Excluding J&S Just J&S J&S as % of Population Annual J&S Increase
2008 7,412,200 7,131,100 281,100 3.79%
2009 7,552,000 7,255,000 297,000 3.93% 15,900
2010 7,695,100 7,391,200 303,900 * 3.95% 6,900 *
2011 7,836,600 7,511,100 325,500 4.15% 21,600
2012 7,984,500 7,643,100 341,400 4.28% 15,900
2013 8,134,500 7,778,000 356,500 4.38% 15,100

* Settlement population size for 2010 (10-month Settlement Freeze) was estimated by


CBS statistics reports used for this article:


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  1. You unfortunately only mention "Times of Israel" and "other news outlets" (Haaretz) but do not give the names of the others.

    Beeing very much interested in Israeli news, I would be most grateful if you could "enlighten" me on the names to be trusted and those to avoid (I am a Bible believer Israel "lover") THANKS !

  2. Who in hell gave these outside sources the authority to critisize the leader of Israel? These people have their heads up their asses. The entire area from the "Euphrates to the River of Egypt" belongs to the children of Israel. So keep your noses out of thier business. I wonder what these nosy creeps would do if someone started to tell them what to do with land or property for which they are responsible.

  3. Predictable lies from the bigoted buttwipes @ AP. Don't think Israel or its defenders (as here) should even waste a lot of time and effort at elaborate defenses of Israel's actions.
    It's their country, and they can do what they want with it. Don't remember ANY criticism of Jordan when they totally excluded Jews from their holiest sites in Jerusalem. And BTW, how many Jews are allowed to build ANY homes in ANY Muslim country? Where's the AP's coverage of that?
    So with all the murderous brutality of Islamic radicals worldwide,THIS is what the AP geniuses are obsessec with?

    It just shows their underlying bigotry and biases, and should be ignored, except to point out to AP what jerks and miserable excuses for "journalists" they are.

  4. Sid : the "leader" of Israel if you mean netanyahou himself. He never claims sovereignty for Israel,he accepted the 2 states fantasy,he leaves Temple Mount in the hands of arabs,he freezed construction etc.!!! This guy will have us all killed one day!

  5. As long as Israel will not be represented by a PM who defends REALLY Israel not by a mock defence,outside world will not respect Israel. The balance is only the consequence.As for the totally CORRUPT left wing including some israeli newspapers all they want is money from arabs,eu,eu and french media which pay for Israel-bashing only. Corruption is synonim to Israel's left wing.

  6. Is Haaretz really the ONLY Israeli news source to be avoided ? Are ALL the others trustworthy and PRO Israel (in the biblical point of view) such as The times of Israel ? The Jerusalem Post ? The Jewish Press ? Prophecy News Watch ? Israel today ? The Jewish Express ? And which are the best ??

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