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Inside of the home burned in the village of Duma.

At the Muqata, we have been struggling to find the strongest words possible to condemn what is clearly nothing less than a terror attack in the village of Duma, which left an Arab baby dead and the family with severe burn injuries.

Price Tag attacks were supposedly initiated to both scare the Arabs from the nearby villages to stop attacking and murdering Jews, as well as to scare the army/police/government into not harassing settlers, otherwise they’d rile up the Arabs so much, the IDF would find their hands full.


Already years ago, it was clear that neither strategy worked.

It also opened up the door for a series of provenly false accusations of vandalism and arson attacks to be blamed on Jews.

So despite the attacks not doing anything — except blackening the name of all Jews, the price tag vandalism continued.

There have been a series of attacks by Jewish extremists lately. The attack on the gay parade yesterday, the arson at the church on the Kinneret, and now this.

“Thou shall not murder” is one of the ten commandments. Have they forgotten that, or not learned it in the first place?

Yes they’re angry at the ongoing Arab terrorism, everyone is, but what does murdering a baby have to do with protecting Jewish lives or furthering Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel?


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  1. Joe Settler, there is no report as of yet from the IDF or Police of who is culpable of this henious crime- calm heads say wait until we have evidence and confirmation from reliable sources. Right now they have nothing but hearsay, and hebrew graffiti that could be written by any arab

  2. Jew or Arab is not the issue HaShem is behind this because He is not happy…H-s city is being defiled year after year..Jews are being treated like second class citiizens… Jews are being expelled from their homes and the list goes on and on and on.. How can He get peoples attention? nobody wants to see a child hurt. Here is more in the picture that we can comprehend…G-d help us…We are approching the geulah will people see the signs, I doubt it…

  3. Did the POLICE say there was Hebrew graffiti at this Duma home? Or did the MEDIA say that there was once Hebrew graffiti scrawling "price tag" somewhere in Duma once, several years ago? Either way it doesn't prove that it was Jews who set this fire. I wonder, though, whether there is another "fire" at work here: the "fire" of anti-Jewish propaganda, jumping in to condemn "settlers" before anybody knows who perpetrated this crime.

  4. Joe you are absolutely right. I am shocked at some of the comments here. If it is proven that this is the action of Jewish extremists then we must not excuse their crime. They must be punished by law. The attacks on gays and on the church were shameful enough. If they have now escalated to murder it must be made clear that hate crimes are not tolerated in the State of Israel!

  5. The addresses of the judges and politicians as well as the ones responsible for forcing the Jews out of Gaza to live in abject poverty since the banks demanded housed destroyed by the Israeli army still had to be paid for, should be given out so the frustrated angry youth can vent their anger on the people responsible for the actions taken this past week by the Border Police under orders of the Defence Minister and the Supreme court. Creating tent cities in front of these addresses and bullhorns played 24 hours a day are the proper way to vent the anger. Non-violent civil disobedience can be very effective with the right leadership. These Israelis should learn from the civil rights movement in the U.S. So as to prevent violence.

  6. We are in a war. The arabs know it all too well. It is just stupid Jews that want to make believe it is a few bad apples. In a war, you fight to win, and everyone is fair game. They certainly see our Jewish babies as fair game. We have no need to be holier than thou. That is stupidity on our part. I don't care who was responsible. I am happy our enemis are in mourning rather than passing out sweets because they got one of our children. They claim they love death more than life? Let them celebrate the death of their own.

  7. If they havent caught suspect how do they know it was a Jewish hate crime
    Is it impossible that a palestinian can write Hebrew and why not
    Theyve staged murders before lest we forget
    Seems odd the p.a. has an icc report all ready to submit
    Seems an easy way to frame an entire nation
    Also hamas has its excuse to resume terror attacks against all Israelis
    Not saying it didnt happen just not sure
    Also in some other reports with the image of the dad kneeling over the baby wrapped in the palestinian flag complete with head scarf of the violent resistance
    the dad is wearing a shirt with a very similar pattern as the scarf
    Seems fishy to me
    Remember in the quaran deception is one of their most powerful weapons

  8. I agree that nothing yet has been proven as to who committed this heinous arson attack on a family home murdering a 3 month baby boy and causing horrific burns injuries to his mother and infant brother. When the culprits are found and convicted by due process of Israel's courts of law it is not to be hoped, but indeed to be trusted, that punishment will be on the same level as that meted out to those who have committed terrorist attacks against
    Israel's Jews including the demolishment of their homes.
    Leila Cumber

  9. Ask Ruvy Rivlin why he is ashamed of us when he has no clue as to who is responsible for the arson. We all know Arabs are known for infighting, inter clan feuds , so why the hurry to blame settlers?

    I would love to see the forensics and autopsy report? Was it a molotov cocktail or a broken gas line , or a kitchen cooking accident. Is there fingerprints on the wall where Hebrew was painted. Where was the paint from. Where is the wick cloth from the supposed molotov cocktail? Where is the glass?

    I have dozens of questions to be answered before I blame my fellow Jew, knowing that this is not something Jews ordinarily do, however we know arabs are capable of it. In fact two days ago 28 Jews in West Bank suffered from arson, smoke inhalation, having to be hospitalized. Arabs have inter-family clan fights often, so before we blame the Jewish settlers, we had better wait for a thorough investigation.

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