Photo Credit: Mark Neyman/GPO
Israeli president Reuven Rivlin hosts the Israeli delegation to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, at the president's residence in Jerusalem, on July 13, 2016. A total of 47 athletes are competing for Israel in the Olympics.

Ahead of the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday, all the Olympic teams were assigned to buses to take them from the Olympic Village to the location of the ceremony.

However, the Lebanese delegation refused to allow the Israeli team onto the bus they were given to share (a dumb move on the part of the Olympic organizers).


The Lebanese Olympic delegate then physically blocked the Israelis from getting on the bus.

The flustered Olympic organizers asked that the Israeli team disperse among all the other buses instead of going as a single group. (What Chutzpa!)

Israel has said they would prefer to go as a group, and Udi Gal, the sailing team trainer told the organizers that the Lebanese can leave the bus if they have a problem.

The organizers asked the Israeli team to “not make a scene,” according to Gili Lustig, the head of the Israeli delegation.

In the end, the Israeli team was sent to a different bus.

Here’s hoping the Lebanese team gets completely humiliated in the Olympics for their performance.

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  1. Once again, the Israelis allow themselves to be degraded by bigoted racist antisemites. Why didn't the Olympic organizers order the Lebanese to disperse instead? Why did they enable this flagrant abuse of the Israelis? Why didn't they tell the Lebanese causing the problem to "disperse"?

    Don't think Israelis should EVER give in to this kind of treatment–it just encourages their antisemitic enemies

  2. Please post the name of the moron who scheduled the bus assignment? And the 2nd moron that asked Israel not to make a scene. What should have happened is not to allow or annouce the Lebanese team in the Parade.

  3. The Olympic Organizers should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen! If they are paid then they should be dismissed not only did they make a horrible mistake in assignng these two teams to the same bus, then telling the Israeli team not to complain and make an issue of this! They should have remove the Lebonese team from the bus and told them to find rides on other buses? What the hell were the thinking? One of the purposes is to bring nations together and they certainly did not do this! Shame on the Lebonese and shame on the Olympic Organizing people!

  4. Another opportunity for Olympic organizers to demonstrate that the Olympics is not really about good sportsmanship,but an opportunity for other nations to flagrantly demonstrate their primitive anti-semitism,and degrade the events to another political statement. Shame ! Shame ! Shame prevails ! Get your guns loaded !! Make it in to another bushleague,3d world,classless event. Sorry that no one is watching or this could look serious !!??

  5. The Olympic Committee is totally at fault, but that does not surprise me. When will the World realize that the Arabs are the enemy and not the Israelis. Stand up for what is right and not be bullied by the ignorant muslin Arabs.

  6. Rule 50 of the IOC’s charter states “no kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.”

    “The IOC has a clear rule laid out in the Olympic Charter, which states that the venues of the Olympic Games are not a place for proactive political or religious demonstration,” an IOC spokeswoman told Gay Star News. “This rule has been in place for many years and applied when necessary.

    According to the cited rule, athletes found in violation could face “disqualification or withdrawal of the accreditation of the person concerned.”

  7. Well, what is wrong with the Lebanese, they want to play politics in the Olympics. It is a shameful act on part of Lebanese, because Israel want a good fellowship with all countries around her, but due to Palestinians foolish activities from south of Lebanon makes the difference.

  8. Quite frankly, the lebanese team should be thrown out as they are completely "drugged up" on hatred and venom..! – in comparison I feel a rachmunus for the Russian Para-olympians – this isn't sport anymore, more a political carousel ride for the organisers who are playing a dangerous game.

  9. Elie Alon, political compromise and cowardice to please Muslims. Foolish EU, outwitted by Islam. Now Muslims hv overrun Europe and slashing the throats of the infidels, yet EU insist and continue to take the terrorists into Europe as refugees
    This is divine judgement against Europe for departing from their former love, " Christianity". Today, the Lord has judged them by sending to them a strong delusion called islam to torture Europe. ISRAEL LIVES. EU CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

  10. Something very wrong with this article. There are listed 48 athletes for Israel and 8 for Lebanon. Why didn't the Israeli team just throw the terrorists off the bus? Why didn't the Olympic Committee BAN Lebanon from the games? If you let this happen you have a Holocaust or 1972 slaughter again. NEVER EVER AGAIN

  11. Elie Alon Entirely my thoughts, the Europeans are a gang of moneyed ragamuffins, pretending to be peacefull !!!!!!. Correct move should have been that the Lebanese were thrown out of the games for discrimination. The games are not suppose to be about politics???? The organisers just proved us wrong.

  12. Awfully pathetic. These Muslims are terribly deceived by Muhammad. A man who said in the Koran" DO NOT FOLLOW ME, I DO NOT KNOW WHERE I AM GOING". And billions are following the mad man into the inferno, believing that in order to inherit " FOOLS PARADISE AND 70 VIRGINS, they have to kill, steal, destroy, rape and commit all manners of ATROCITIES FOR ALLAH. Strange what fools believe.

  13. Well, the Lebanese think they are smart. The Olympic committee should make them walk to each of their events, no bus ride. This way they can act like most Arabs when they confront our boys, take their shoes off and run.

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