Photo Credit: Shabak
The terrorist from the Otniel attack.

Coming on the heels of our report from the Shabak that the family of the Otniel terror attack surrendered their terrorist son to the IDF in order to prevent their house from demolition — Channel 22 TV reports that the father now says that they absolutely did not report their son to the IDF…and that their son the terrorist is a hero for murdering Jews.

The terrorist’s uncle also told the media that the terrorist’s family didn’t turn him in, and that somehow the IDF already had the son’s name when they stopped the father at a checkpoint.


This leaves one of two possibilities… (1) The Shabak lied in order for the family to look like collaborators with Israel to their neighbors, or (2) the family is now lying in order to not look like collaborators to their neighbors.

This leaves one of two outcomes… (1) The IDF knocks down their home which proves they’re not collaborators, or (2) or the IDF does not knock down their home, and their neighbors do it (or worse) instead.

It’s time to get out the bulldozers.


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