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The Saudi government says they have given the Palestinians $6 billion in aid since the year 2000. So Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has good reason publicly to declare his support for Saudi Arabia in the standoff with the rest of the world over the Jamal Khashoggi affair. Abbas pictured, handing the Saudi King a Jewish, Zionist newspaper as a present.

I know, I’m late on this story, but better late than never, and it is a funny story.

Some of the Arabs on this side of the Jordan River spend a lot of fruitless time and effort trying to prove they have ties to the land of Israel that go back more than a 100 years or so.


Sometimes they pull out a coin that says Palestine (minted by Jews) or a photo of a Palestinian sports team (all Jewish).

But this has got to be the first time they pulled out the Palestine Post, known today as the Jerusalem Post, which was at the time, most definitely a Zionist paper.

PLO chairman Mahmoud “Water Libel” Abbas presented Saudi King Salman with a framed copy of the Palestine Post from August 13, 1935, which covered the visit by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Emir Saud, to the Holy Land.

Elder of Ziyon asked, “Why couldn’t Abbas find a non-Zionist newspaper with “Palestine” in the title to show the King this article?”

I think we all know the answer to that.

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