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“To infuse some thought or feeling into a person, as if by breathing; to animate or actuate by some mental or spiritual influence.” – Oxford English Dictionary

Inspiration is a difficult concept to explain.


There are hundreds of dictionary entries attempting to define this word as accurately as possible but sometimes, words don’t always conjure the perfect image or understanding in your mind.

As a kid, I found it difficult to sit still and listen to numerous stories about people who have changed the world. My mind has two modes; engaging with something in front of my eyes or wandering to find its own entertainment. Needless to say, I left school with no idea of how someone or something can positively impact my life.

Over time, I realized that without a source of inspiration, it is difficult to evolve into someone other people look to emulate. Deep down, every person wants to be remembered or admired for something. It’s not about having an ego, it’s about building purpose. If you don’t leave your footprint on earth, how will anyone know you walked upon it?

I started to question myself: What actually inspires me? What do I see or do that really leaves me speechless and breathless? I realized that I had no answer. It upset me because it proved that I hadn’t found a way of connecting myself to the world or finding the means in which to grow and discover. So I decided that it’s not about finding someone or something to change you, it’s about changing yourself.

For a number of years, I became fixated with learning what’s out there. Every month I’d find myself sat in an airport waiting for my flight to be called. For a long time, I felt like I needed to meet new people and see different things; and it really worked. I guess at that time in my life, I needed to develop and understand how to appreciate what I have because it’s easy to take it for granted. The grass truly is always greener on the other side.

But then I stopped and thought, I don’t need to do this. Gallivanting around the world isn’t essential because inspiration can come in the wildest and most random of forms.

Just last night, I attended a performance by one of the top illusionists in the world. Never did I think I would attend a magic show and come out enthused, but I did. He told us all in the audience that he wanted to pass on a message; he wanted the theme of the evening to be about a topic that means something to him.

For almost 20 minutes, he explained the true meaning of happiness. People can become obsessed with achieving career or academic goals which they think will leave them happy but that’s not the truth. If one doesn’t fulfil their aspirations, it can leave them even more miserable than when they set out. As well, these materialistic dreams can distract you from what is the real importance – your friends, family and loved ones. To be frank – you can wipe your tears with a $50 bill but it’ll never take them away.

Instead of leaving and being content with the show, I left with being content with what I wanted my outlook to become. Happiness is so important that it should come before anything else in the world. Everything in life will be miserable if your attitude is so.

Whether it’s a book, performance, a life experience or even traveling the world, it’s imperative to keep yourself evolving. Find things that make you want to be a better you, but also that make you want to be a better person so that one day, you can inspire someone else who may need it too.

Become an inspiration.



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Selena, a recently married 20-something from Manchester, England blogs for The Jewish Press Online under the title, "My Point of Jew." Selena also works for the Jewish Telegraph - Britain's only regional Jewish newspaper.