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    The Divided Kingdom

    Every morning, without fail, there is a new story about anti-Semitism, attacks on Jews, anger towards Israeli policy and another disgraceful act Jeremy Corbyn has done in the past.

    Beating the Odds

    A daughter's loving present to her ailing father, a famous chazzan, on his birthday

    Welcome to Motherhood

    Then I realised – I was a mother. I was the person this little girl looked to when she wanted to share her happiness or be comforted through her sadness.

    No Labour of Love

    Are Jewish people safe in Britain?

    Natural Faith

    While we lavish in the good times and praise G-d, we must suffer through the bad ones....and STILL praise G-d

    It’s Trump Time

    A view on Trump from across the pond. Jewish Press blogger, Selena Myers, expounds on the changing of THE Guard in Washington.

    Trusting Your Religion

    Some say that we have the ability to choose so that we can shape our lives and undergo tests impartially. The way I see it, free-will is a gift of trust.

    The Simple Life

    Judaism is all about celebration. Between the simchas and the holidays, there are many occasions for celebrating, But the expense-oh the expense!

    EU’re Out!

    I think as British Jews, our fear should be that extremist politicians now have the chance to seize their seats in our house of commons.

    Inspirational Living

    What actually inspires me? What do I see or do that really leaves me speechless and breathless? I realized that I had no answer and that upset me. Deeply.

    Pesach’s Message for Modern Times

    We are at our strongest when we are united, and we are never more united than when we feel pain. We are not free, we never will be-until Mashiach

    Fighting Back The Fear

    I find myself rushing through a shopping center because it seems like a likely target. Is nowhere safe anymore?

    A Flickering Flame

    Slowly, Jewish core characteristics are fading. Sadly, we’re blending in, no longer a nation apart.

    Come Back to Reality

    Many look at other people’s lives as posted to Social Media and just feel jealous

    Remembering Dark Days

    I walked out of Majdanek concentration camp knowing that decades ago, no one else was able to.

    Different Style; Same Smile

    I hope in time people look past my sheitl to see the fun/silly/daft & sometimes stupid real me again

    The Threat IS Real

    I never want to choose between being British or Jewish but if it came to it I’d choose a yellow star

    The Constant Question

    Jewish Press Online wishes the new Selena Myers, one of our favorite bloggers, a hearty MAZAL TOV!

    Rabin’s Right To Live

    Those who called for Rabin's death are no better than the assassin who pulled the trigger.

    Here To Say We’re Here To Stay

    If Palestinians punch, they get scolded; if Israelis punch back, they get international condemnation

    Praying for People, Not Pleasure

    Easy lives create simple people; hard lives create strong people; Let Israel be strengthened by this

    Connect To Disconnect

    Both "Half-Shabbat" & R’ Yosef's opinion champion an extreme. There most certainly is a happy medium

    Powerful Knowledge or Blissful Ignorance?

    At what age should the realization start setting in for kids that we live in an uncertain society?

    To Be Or Not To Be – That Is The Question

    “You’ve been out on enough dates, are you going to marry him?” Many times I’ve choked at this point.

    Finding Strength Through a Higher Power

    With it seems more lives than a cat, I now recognize Hasgacha Pratis is HaShem's involvement in life

    July 10 – It’s THAT Time Again

    Who knows what the future holds? So I’ll stop making Hashem laugh at my plans & start smiling at His

    The Born Identity

    "Mispachology": Theory you share a common link with someone you’ve never met or been in contact with

    Bridging Fear and Faith: Do You Feel Safe?

    The cabbie, Mohammed said to me,"I'm supposed to hate you. That's what we believe. But I don't."

    Young, Free and on a Travel Spree

    I know this is how the religious world works, and I'm part of it, I can't support teenage matrimony

    Breaking Out of The Box

    The 'box issue' seems to be a notion that everyone can be categorized, which is most certainly a lie


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