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State Dept. Spokesperson Jen Psaki (R) with Secretary of State John Kerry. Psaki revealed Kerry himself has no trust in the promise of regional acceptance he's been lavishing on Israel.

…QUESTION: Well, I’ve got – I’ve got to get one more on this and then I’m done. There is a photograph of this teenager’s – this teenager being buried today, and he’s wearing a Hamas headband. It was put on him, obviously. Is that of concern at all to you guys?

MS. PSAKI: I just don’t have any more on this particular case.


QUESTION: Back to the baby. Can you – I mean, supposedly it was by Palestinian militants or whomever, not by the Israelis. Could you say or check whether – that the U.S. is involved in the investigation into the killing, into that car accident?

MS. PSAKI: I will see if there is U.S. involvement in either of the cases.

QUESTION: Thank you.

Okay, and what do you think of Ms. Psaki?

Let me go over that:

QUESTION: To go back to Matt’s question about – were you aware when you put out the statement on Friday night that there were allegations that the Palestinian American teenager had been throwing – our story said a Molotov cocktail and it was – it had run before your statement came out. So didn’t you – did you know at the time when you put out the statement that there were allegations that he was engaged in violence?

MS. PSAKI: Well, there were media reports, Arshad.


MS. PSAKI: Beyond that, I don’t have anything to read out for you.

QUESTION: Right, no. But I just wanted to get on the record that you knew about those reports when you put out the call for the speedy investigation.

QUESTION: Matt – I mean Arshad, I’m happy to talk to our team and see if there’s more —

QUESTION: But just to clarify what Matt was saying, and you said – you kind of said something but it was just very short —

QUESTION: But just to clarify what Matt was saying, and you said – you kind of said something but it was just very short —

MS. PSAKI: Okay.

QUESTION: — you do not believe that this teenager was throwing Molotov cocktails. Is that right?

MS. PSAKI: That’s – I don’t have any more to outline or confirm for you in terms of the circumstances.

QUESTION: No, he said that you don’t believe that to be the case.

MS. PSAKI: That’s not what I said.

QUESTION: Do you? And you said no, you – no.

MS. PSAKI: He asked me if we thought he was a terrorist, and I said no.

QUESTION: Oh, okay.

QUESTION: Is that no longer the case? Do you think you were too precipitous, perhaps, in issuing that statement condemning —

MS. PSAKI: I think we’re going to have to move on now.

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  1. This psaki person I ignorant anti- semite just like her bosses. Any one who throws rocks or fire bombs at innocent people is a murder and terrorists American or not.. The baby that was killed was an American also. I guess to the mouth of the administration she does not count just like a hitler follower thought.

  2. Im confused. I get on this site and I see where no one should care about the USA and what it thinks in Israel. Israel should just ignore them. Then I get on here and read arricle after article about American politics and its leaders, as if USA and Israel are somehow politically the same country. Which is it? Israel doesnt care about the USA administration and what it thinks? Or Israel does? Its totally gotta be one or rhe other..

  3. If you work for any president, you have to be two-faced. Now a days, at that level, truth has NOTHING to do with day to day life. It's all smoke and mirrors, and who is paying who for what.
    Ms Psaki is brain dead for the duration of her employment…a talking head who acts as parrot and regurgitates what she is fed to the media and to the public who elected her boss and pays her salary.
    No honor in government this millennium!

  4. Of course Israel cares about what the USA thinks about them. For many decades we have been an ally of Israel. Now it seems that the Obama administration has went away from that. The Obama administration is supplying funds to Hamas. The administration stand seems to be that Israel is the problem and not the terrorist. Most everything in the USA is now upside down from what it was five decades ago.

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