Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

I’ve been pretty shocked to see the latest polls, check Jeremy’s site, which show the Left, Herzog-Livni, Lapid plus Arabs, pulling ahead of Likud and Bennett’s Bayit Yehudi.

Dialog/Haaretz Poll: Zionist Union 24, Likud 21, The Joint (Arab) List 13, Yesh Atid 12, Bayit Yehudi 11, Kulanu 11, Shas 7

Panels/Maariv-103 FM Poll: Zionist Union 24, Lkud 21, Yesh Atid 13, The Joint Arab List 13, Bayit Yehudi 12, Kulanu 9

Here in New York, everyone wants Bibi and trusts Bibi and wishes he was running the White House.


I’ve only been in the states less than two weeks, what has been happening? Has the Israeli media really succeeded in brainwashing the public that Bibi-Likud is so awful? He’s not perfect, but he’s a lot better than Herzog-Livni.


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