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Hallel Yaffa Ariel, hy'd was murdered in her bed by an Arab terrorist, who was glorified in Arab press

Last week, ended with a hail of bullets, a rocket attack on a Sderot nursery school, stabbings, murders all perpetrated by Arab Muslims on innocent Jews. They, the Arabs murdered and injured Jews last week, a thirteen 13 year old girl has breathed and danced her last. A father and educator was shot before the eyes of his son, daughter and wife. Other Jews were attacked, injured some seriously for no reason, other than their being Jewish.

‘They started shooting at us – and suddenly dad stopped moving’

Site of Har Hevron shooting attack


Online incitement and the end of the holy month drive Palestinian terrorists to kill

Hallel Yaffa Ariel and her bedroom after the attack

If you think such brutal deadly anti-Semitism ended with the defeat of Nazi Germany, you’re very wrong. Not only are there Arab terrorists who attack and murder Jews, but they are supported by the same countries which were once under Nazi control. Today there are all sorts of funds and projects and NGO sponsored by the EU, the European Union that encourage the Arabs to replace the State of Israel with a new Arab country called “Palestine,” and attack Jews.

These Arab terror attacks are not limited to Judea, Samaria and other Land Israel liberated in the defensive war, a war for survival, the 1967 Six Days War. Arabs attack Jews in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Sedrot, all over. That’s because they don’t want any Jews to survive. Yes, that’s just like the Nazis.


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  1. The West Bank PA and Hamas in Gaza is FULL of terrorists, murdering, anti-Semitic, gay-hating Islamist lunatics that send their own children out to commit suicide attacks against civilians. In short, Gaza is ruled by a regime of war criminals. Real ones, not the ersatz ones in Tel Aviv. If this crop of Islamist scum was our enemy in WWII, FDR himself would have fire-bombed and vaporized the whole lot of them. The Israeli’s have been remarkably restrained.

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