Photo Credit: Hatzalah Yo"sh
The car crashed after Arabs spilled oil on the road - July 5, 2016

A car spun out of control near Beitar Ilit in Gush Etzion early Tuesday afternoon.

Arabs once again poured oil on the main road near the Husan bypass, causing a car to lose control and crash.


There’s no information on the driver at the moment.



  1. I hate the aravim, believe me, but who says it was done as an intended trap? Maybe it was just an oil spill that no one bothered to clean up. It happens alot around here. People leave messes for other people to clean up. Doesn't sound like a terror attack to me, just gross negligence. A common thing around these parts.

  2. An oil spill Roc, where do you think this is, Haifa? get a grip on reality. This is the same strategy they used a week or so ago, to a much worse outcome. It is the kumbaya dreamers and deniers who are costing us lives. And by the way, Roc, I do not hate the arabs, I just prefer they live in their own countries, of which there are many. We have only one home. It is past time to clean house.

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