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George Bush and Barack Obama

This article first appeared in Jewish Business News.

Far from being a fan of ISIS, who represent the very worst in Islamic culture, I nevertheless believe President Obama should leave them alone and not attempt to remove them from the face of the earth, as he has promised a few days ago.


ISIS serves a very important purpose, it is actually a source of stability in the region, and as such should be left to its own devices. Yes, the West must protect its assets in the region, and, yes, care must be taken to bolster innocent bystanders like the Kurds and the kingdom of Jordan against the onslaught of the Islamic ninjas. Other than that, to paraphrase a popular sentiment: don’t just do something, stand there.

Nature abhors a vacuum. Back in the 7th century, as the Roman Empire was losing its oomph in the Middle East, the Arab hordes, led by Muhammad, rushed out of the Arabian peninsula and grabbed all that nice, free property, never to let go of most of it again. This is precisely what ISIS, the new Muslim hordes in the very same region, have been doing.

Thirteen years ago, Barbara Bush’s less gifted son decided to remove the only man in the region who was able, using cruelty, paranoia and a voracious appetite for power, to stop the Iranian Shiite empire from expanding and gaining a hegemony in the region. That wondrous man was Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and when he fell, he left a vacuum that was quickly filled by Iran and its Shiite allies inside Iraq.

In essence, the United States spent trillions of dollars and countless lives, American and Arab, to give Iran the primacy it so desired in that part of the world. Yes, that was some idiotic move.

And as President Obama decided to cut America’s losses and pull out of the region en mass, he forced the Sunnis to get up and make a move before it was too late. So they did. Taking advantage of the vacuum left by Obama’s America, ISIS has been running through the region like knife through hot butter. And that’s a very good thing.

Because ISIS, despite their obvious religious fanaticism, are realists. They want money and land, which they’ve taken’ and they want a reliable and well equipped army, which they’ve also taken, from America’s Iraqi clients.

But they’ve been staying out of areas where they know they’d get a bloody nose. While attacking women and children wherever they could, ISIS soldiers have kept away from serious confrontations with the IDF and the Jordanian Legion. They’re not interested in fighting for the sake of fighting alone, they’re looking for rewards. So, like I said, that’s a good thing.

The big service ISIS is doing the West right now is checking Iranian power, just as the Sunni rebels inside Syria are keeping the Iranian agent Hezbollah in check, and just as the PLO is keeping Hamas in check, at least to some degree.

It’s a volatile region, where violent, crazed men will always make life terrible for their weaker, more productive, less sociopath neighbors. But now the crazies are balancing one another, like a circle of snakes, each keeping the tail of the next snake in its clenched jaws.

Israel and the West could do worse, by helping any of these brutes. Let them keep each other busy for decades, and let’s wish all of them much success in their bloody endeavors.

Oh, and if you’re a journalist looking to interview these guys – use Skype, for heaven’s sake.


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Tibbi Singer is a veteran contributor to publications such as Israel Shelanu and the US supplement of Yedioth, and Jewish Business News.


  1. Oh, that's ok then, we'll just let them continue to attack and rape women and children, sell them off as slaves and behead and murder innocents. And turn a blind eye to the fact they are already exhorting their followers in the west to begin the terror abroad.

  2. Are you kidding? Im amazed at this article. These people arent just fighting eaxh other. Havent you heard? They are kidnapping and
    beheading Americans, one American Jew, and one British aid. And have drove out and starved many people out of their homes and land. And to add on, they have left
    many dead , crucified, childrens heads on sticks etc. And this writer thinks our country should just..stay out of it? They just threatened every American and have publically said that any Muslim should killed any non muslim. As I recall, the world turned a deaf ear to Hitler too.

  3. If we went and bombed everybody who hates Americans, we'd run out of bombs in short order. And Saudi Arabia beheaded 18 people just last August. This whole things started because Barbara Bush's idiot son decided to attack Iraq and remove the only man strong enough to stand up to the Iranians. Chill.

  4. They're raping women and children all over the world as we speak. You want to spend your life bombing places where women and children are raped at wholesale rates? Start with India, move over to Pakistan, bomb all of Africa. If you destroy the Suni army today, you're ushering in the Shiite Iranians. How nearsighted can you be?

  5. I agree with Singer when he says "But now the crazies are balancing one another, like a circle of snakes, each keeping the tail of the next snake in its clenched jaws…. Let them keep each other busy for decades, and let’s wish all of them much success in their bloody endeavors."
    Of course the fanatical and brutal IS victimizes innocents, but the responsibility for that lies with them. There are fanatical brutes victimizing innocents around the world: North Korea, Pakistan, Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. Can we police them all? Can we invade them all? Should we bomb them all? We cannot control everyone in the world.
    Happily, many of the bad guys are fighting one another. The balance of power amongst them benefits us. Let them kill one another to their hearts content. We should only intervene to help maintain the balance.

  6. I dont get it. Yes, Iran is a problem. Its not
    that they are just being ignored while we are after ISIS. But to not get rid of this murderimg most ecil branch of terror that thenworld hasnt seen in a very lomg rime. To let them keep recruiting Muslims who are weak and easily manipulated for a greater cause, we are all in trouble!! This isnt going away. Nuclear war is an unthinkable thing. But, hopefully that will be stopped too. Its not like we dont all have spies and intelligence together. Its how we knew to bomb this terror group last night. Who knew about them and their work of sophisticated undetectable devices. I can say, I had no idea!!!

  7. You are right, Saddam Hussein was the only man could stop the fundamentalists of the Ayatollas, it was a mistake to involve the US in Irak, now is to late, Obama did the mistake to go out all US troops from Irak, if he could let some troops in Irak like it was in Germany and Japan, than ISIS would never existed, now is a Sunnies-e war, through this war Iran has the excuse to have one or many nukes to defend he self knowing that Pakistan has this weapons and Saudi Arabia will buy some nukes from Pakistan and ballistic missils from china both sides if not a US intervention to ISIS than there could be a nuclear war in the ME.

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