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Netanyahu and Obama.

Beginning in 2007, those of us who saw the writing on the wall, began campaigning against Obama. We knew he was bad for Israel from the things he said in interviews and from the people he hung out with, past and present. We posted articles that slammed him on social media and we lost friends for our insistent and incessant need to make our case: the one that would save Israel and Israeli Jews.

We knew he’d be bad for the Jews by the way he spoke about settlements and Islam and Iran in a 2007 interview with then editor of the Jerusalem Post, David Horovitz. At that time, Obama pooh-poohed, for instance, Israel’s need for secure borders saying, “Israel may seek ’67-plus’ and justify it in terms of the buffer that they need for security purposes. They’ve got to consider whether getting that buffer is worth the antagonism of the other party.”


We knew he’d be bad for the Jews because he associated with people like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright who was outspoken in his support for both the Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan and Hamas. During an appearance at Michigan State University on February 7, 2008, Wright explained the creation of the State of Israel as “a political decision made in 1948 to solve a European problem of European Jews by putting them in somebody else’s country.”

We knew he was anti-Israel because he was funded by Saudi Billionaire Dr. Khalid al-Mansour, an avowed enemy of Israel. It was al-Mansour who served as Obama’s patron, smoothing Obama’s way into Harvard Law School.

We knew Obama hated Israel because former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, the guy who said, “I think what the Israelis are doing today for example in Lebanon is in effect, in effect . . . the killing of hostages. The killing of hostages,” endorsed Obama during his first presidential campaign.

We knew about Obama’s hatred of Israel because he appointed Robert Malley, who advocated talks with Hamas, as his foreign policy advisor during his first presidential election, subsequently dropping him like a hot potato when word leaked out about Malley’s affinity for terrorists. Hoping everyone had forgotten by then, Obama appointed Malley to head up the White House National Security Council’s Middle East desk, in March.

We knew about Obama’s hatred of the Jews because of his ardent admiration for Professor Derrick Bell, who, in a 1994 New York Observer interview, criticized Henry Louis (Skip) Gates for an op-ed he penned on black anti-Semitism for the New York Times:

“I was furious. Even if everything he said was true, it was inexcusable not to mention what might have motivated blacks to feel this way, and to fail to talk about all the Jewish neoconservative racists who are undermining blacks in every way they can.”

We knew about Obama’s anti-Semitism because of his friendship with anti-Israel “Palestinian” radical activist Rashid Khalidi, and the subsequent suppression of a tape from a dinner party held as a farewell party for Khalidi in 2003, at which one speaker was reported to have likened, “Zionist settlers on the West Bank” to Osama bin Laden, remarking that both had been “blinded by ideology.”

I, for one, am just not buying it that American Jews really didn’t know that Obama would be bad for Israel, even as far back as 2007, when Obama’s rise to power begins in the run-up to the 2008 election.

The truth is, they just didn’t care. Before you blast me for saying that, let’s look at some more evidence that Obama would be (and is) bad, not only for the Jews and Israel, but for America, too.

We knew Obama would be bad for America the minute he said we were “five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” We knew he would work to do away with American exceptionalism by dint of his far-left associations with terrorist bombers William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and the Stalin-loving Frank Marshall Davis, who filled in for Obama’s absentee father.

All of these details were known in 2007. As for the 2012 election campaign? Well by then, it was no longer even a question: Obama was bad news. We knew about Obama’s Cairo speech in which he said that Israel was only created to make up for Jewish suffering during the Holocaust. We knew about the way Joe Biden castigated Bibi for building in the Haredi Jewish neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo in northeast Jerusalem.

We knew about the times Obama leaked Israeli intelligence to Iran. We knew about the feet up on the desk during a meeting with the Israeli delegation, which included Israel’s PM, Benyamin Netanyahu. We knew about the freak-out over Bibi’s speech to Congress. We knew about Obama’s refusal to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and how the mostly liberal Supreme Court used a controversial device by Bush, to back this non-recognition.

You want to tell me you really didn’t know about Obama’s hatred for the Jews and for Israel? Sorry, but I’m having trouble buying that story. But at the very least, you need to come out from under that rock and get a little, um, daylight. You’ve been looking a little pale since Tuesday.



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Blogger and mother of 12, Varda Meyers Epstein is a third-generation Pittsburgher who made aliyah at age 18 and never looked back. A proud settler who lives in the biblical Judean heartland, Varda serves as the communications writer for the nonprofit car donation program Kars4Kids, a Guidestar Gold medal charity. The author's political opinions are her own and not endorsed by her employer.


  1. The sad truth is he said it all before being (firstly) elected and before being re-elected. He has gotten into power the same way that evil, evil man came to power in Germany and it is scary the comparison of government take over between the two…

  2. It s not the money American Jews see themselves specialy the ones who vote for Obama , as Americans with jewish faith , and than they think bout Israel .Going back in history the same was bevore Hitler took power , the German Jews , didn t believe it , we fought in WW1 we are Germans and even worse they disliked East European Jews seeing them as poor and primitive , on the trains and in the Camps , the started to understand that ALL of them were only JEWS for the rest of the world . The same is now and Jews should always favour Israel because its the only place we have , if you are gay and think Obama will give you heaven on earth , think about it ,for Antisemitism you will always stay a Jew and Israel will be the only place you have !

  3. I’m Jewish and I didn’t vote for Obama because there wasn’t enough information about the “creature” but to call Jews stupid is not fair. How many Americans voted for Carter and he has come out as the biggest deceiver and my mother was a big supporter of Carter and she wasn’t stupid. He was a good politician.

  4. You should have done your homework. There was enough public information to be red flags. His 20 year affiliation with Jeremiah Wright who preached anti-semitism was a huge clue. In his book he wrote that if push came to shove he would stand with Muslims and his name alone should have clued you in. The red flag is there with Hillary too…in her book she said that she considers Israel to be an occupier and denier of Palestinian rights. Whatever she now says on the campaign trail is pure bull meant to get votes and money. It worked for ovomit. You know what they say about insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.

  5. Very good article. Sure helps underscore all he has been doing to court Iran and distance ffom Israel. He was and is bad news for the American People and USA’s survival. Sad that he can still stay in office and do even more damage before his last term is up. We have not seen the last of his Agenda which is anti USA, Anti Israel and Pro Iran.

  6. Total lean to the Islamic countries by the president was seen as a non influential belief we all new Obama wanted to tilt US policy in favor of the Muslims but were Assured that in two terms he could not change US policy by democratic party officials. What we were not expecting was the Presidents giving access to the power center of the white house. To these Islamic dictators while limiting access of Izrzels leaders. This was all do to his personal Genda to tilt American policy towards Muslim countries Somehow in our disbelief we attempted to find fault with the loyal Israeli ally rather than recognize the Presidents goal to change American policy It created tension between demacrats and Israeli leaders who would not recognize the presidents goal to make the Israelis look intransigent in order fo nourish an Anti Israel sentiment Amongst democrats Then the deal with IrN became his goal at any cost even if represents an existential threat to Israel’s existence and is clear threat to US security. he feels he now can deliver this bad nuclear deal to Iran going directly to the Anti Israel In and trying to circumvent congresses wishes to review and decide if the deal I’d in the best interest of the UD Congress must have a super majority bip,artisn vote against the deal and reassess the presidents attempts to align the US with radical Islam and assure that he can. Know longer degrade our relationship with Israel in favor of terrorist supporting Islamic nation
    he must be closely monitored until he leaves office so American policy cannot be diverted any further to radical Islamic regimes and to reassert our commitment to the democratic state of Israel until he leaves office and a new president enters office e Jan 2017

  7. For those Jews still supporting Obama it is true that they knew and know where his affinities lie. They supported him in the past and many still stubbornly continue to do so today because their Jewish identity is formed by their chosen religion which is Liberalism which overshadows Judaism.

  8. Well said. But it becomes an even simpler assessment when you realize that he had less than a full tern in congress and the vast majority of his votes were 'present'.
    Ask yourself at the risk of sounding prejudiced, if he were not black, would he have even been nominated.
    True and certain it is that he is a socialist, and is helping to fulfill the prophecy of the e end of Western civilization.

  9. For more than ten years, I have been saying that only the Orthodox Jew's care about Israel. Reform Judaism is a fad and is on its way out of existence. If Reform Judaism is so wonderful, then why do 90% of them intermarry in 2015? When anti-semitism raises its head in America, those Reform Jew's will expect Israel, to save their "toochis".

  10. On both election days who Obama was and what type of President he would be were not exactly "state secrets". The incredibly absurd and gravely dangerous situation we find ourselves in were an inevitable and trivially foreseeable consequence of electing Obama. Yet the majority of the American electorate, including the majority of Jews who voted had to advertise how stupid they were by voting for Obama anyway.

  11. That’s bullcrap I am Jewish and I 100% knew that Obama would be the worst president of all time and a enemie of the Jewish nation. When I spoke up about it people laughed at me and told me he would be great…well no one is laughing now

  12. Well, I decided my choice was either vote for Republicans that are hell bent on destroying the American middle class and the nation as a whole or vote Democrat so the destruction would be stopped or at least slowed down. I knew A Democrat president would not be good for Israel. I figured God would look out for Israel. For people who do not believe in God, that probably sounds silly.

  13. wow, that is such an awful , lame excuse….the very first time I heard obama speak for Kerry at the Dem convention the hair stood up on my arms, my “spidey senses” were screaming , “Creepy CREEPY’! Back in those days I was a Dem and became a delegate for Hillary ( whom I no longer support ). When Obama was gifted with the nomination by the DNC i voted for McCain ( !! ugh!!) because obama totally freaked me out! To say, “How could we have known?” re: Obama back then is eerily and horribly similar to, “but it couldn’t happen here”….from Germany…c’mon fellow Jewish people…we’re so very smart, let’s act like it! There are still braindead Jewish people that support Obama even after he gave the supremely Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic Iranians carte blanche to make a nuclear bomb and billions for the Quds Force, Hezbollah, Hamas in Gaza and the Houthis in Yemen…Obama’s hands are positively dripping with blood…plus Iran saying it wants to destroy Israel…plus Obama has no problem with BDS…and neither do a lot of Jews that support him, as well as the New Israel Fund….what a mess. I wish more Jews would look to HaShem and not to socialism…

  14. The AMERICAN JEWS better start FAST and get THEIR PRIORITIES Straight. So SICK to my Stomach on anyone that says THAT THEY DID NOT KNOW. BS at it’s FULLEST. Why are the majority of American Jews Democrats anyways???. Because of ROOSEVELT?. Don’t FORGET that he sent back ships with the HIGHEST of INTELLIGENT JEWS , back to SLAUGHTER in GERMANY.

  15. Well…well…well… What have we here? Liberal Democrats turning against Israel? NO!!! It could never happen! [/sarcasm]

    American Jews knew from the beginning what they were getting. But because American Jews identify "Jewish values" with abortion and "gay rights" naturally they voted for Obama.

    Now be sure and keep voting for Democrats as far Left as you can find! Don't want no mean nasty old Bible-thumping Republicans coming along with that Xian Book of Joshua! Sheesh, no wonder "rednecks" treat "people of color" so bad with heroes like that!

  16. It may have been obvious to Americans but from the British side of the pond the alternative was John McCain who seemd far too old at 71 and too associated with the discredited Mr Bush. We never believed Obama would sell out Israel to the Iranians. Its as if he's washed his hands of the middle east and said "let battle commence "

  17. "We knew Obama would be bad for America the minute he said we were “five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” "

    Long before Obama spoke those blood-chilling words, many Americans knew that he hated our country. We also knew that he hated Israel. It was patently obvious to anyone who was paying the least bit of attention. So why did so many Jews vote for this man? Who knows? I certainly have no idea.

  18. "We knew Obama would be bad for America the minute he said we were “five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” "

    Long before Obama spoke those blood-chilling words, many Americans knew that he hated our country. We also knew that he hated Israel. It was patently obvious to anyone who was paying the least bit of attention. So why did so many Jews vote for this man? Who knows? I certainly have no idea.

  19. Why in the world would you think that? Just how does keeping America a moral sewer (which is what the Democrats are all about) help Israel at all??? I don't suppose you've ever considered that those horrible Bible-thumpers who oppose the Democrat moral sewer are pro-Israel as well? Or does supporting Israel for the sake of Heaven rather than a secular reason not count?

    I am a proud descendant of Southern Unionists (that's Southerners who voted AGAINST the Confederacy) and my family has been Republican since the Civil War. Yet all my life I have had to endured Democrat lies about the Republican party. All the Dems have to do is say "party of the rich!" and people stampede like a bunch of stupid cows. They have also told the blatant lie that all Southern Republicans today were the bad old Southern Democrats of yesterday. This is a lie and they know it! Meanwhile the Confederate apologists claim the Republican party was founded by German Communists and was "red from the beginning." More lies!

    I am proud of the Republican party, today more than ever! I am proud of Lincoln and Grant and Garfield and McKinley and Coolidge! I wouldn't trade one of them for the best Democrat that ever lived! Shame on the party of treason and immorality for demonizing the Republican party! We have nothing to be ashamed of!

  20. He certainly sounded like an American. I love how he referred to the author of "The Thirteenth Tribe" as an eminent historian and author. He is neither of those things, and the book is pure fiction. There appears to be some tiny amount of Kuzari-type Turkic DNA in some Ukrainian and Polish Jews, but it is in the range of at most 2%. The rest? Either southwest Asian, closely related to the Kurds (who live in the place where Abraham and Sarah were born), or European, which includes the many women who converted to Judaism prior to the 11th century of the common era and married Jewish men.

  21. As Bibi said "The HARD left." I termed them the "lemming left" during Israeli elections in March, as Herzog was boasting of his regular conversations with "The President" (not Israel's) – as if this was something to be proud of! To Herzog's credit, he has now come out in support of Bibi against Obama's evil deal.

    Even the support of abortion is anti-G-d!

  22. The sad truth is that the majority of American Jews are self hating liberals. We Americans who are real Jews as a people need to separate from liberal Jews in the same way that pious Jews separated themselves from the followers of the golden calf. We should make up for their lost numbers with sincere converts who do not live in areas with a bet din. If we do that our numbers will soar, Republicans would win Florida and then every election and the self hating liberal Jew would disappear into history.

  23. Sorry, all the Horrendus info of about “O’ was out and available. Yes, the mainstream Media wouldnt cover it and protected him…if u watched FOX you would have have had ALL the info you needed, they ran different aspects round the clock, His videos, His interviews, other videos about his associates,etcetc etc. U would have realized Anti-White, Anti-American, Anti-Israel, Anti Semitic, Pro Muzzlime (Terrorist connections) he was a”democrat,” so they thought, he spoke well ,will charisma, what could be wrong???)

  24. Jews did not do their HW, and when friends told them about what “O” was really all about they would’t believe it, it didn’t jive with his Golden BULL$HT Rhetoric, they never thougtht he was LYING either, all because they didn’t do their HW!their parents and grandparents always voted Dem, they did not suspect how radical he was. or marxist muzzlime?

  25. How could Sandy Brodsky not have known? As a voting Democrat, she should have watched the Democrat Convention. (I'm not even a Democrat but I watched both the Democrat and Republican conventions) The Dems voted against Israel at their convention..they voted against Jerusalem remaining the undivided capitol of Israel. Why would someone just vote for someone with a "D" next to their name without first checking out who they are?

  26. Amazing, and the most unsophisticated of comments here. Birther issues yet again? Attacks on obama’s name? Questioning of his true religious beliefs? Are these the persuasive arguments against Obama? All of these issues that the right wing embraces have been discussed to death, and dismissed by rational human beings. Obama has problems with Bibi’s personality. So what? So have previous presidents and elected officials. What matters is the Iranian deal. Focus on the issues to persuade, not these attacks based on conspiracies.

  27. not surprising from the Economist. Even if an Iranian nuke is inevitable, it needn’t be gift wrapped and given to Iran on bended knee accompanied by billions of $$ with which to fatten up the Quds Forces, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis….it’s a vile deal for everyone but Iran and the blood of terrorism now drips from obama’s hands. Despicable.

  28. I totallly agree. I can not understand how he continues to have the support of so many Jews. How do these same Jews say they support Israel and vote and continue to support this monster? I for one do believe it is happening again and I am afraid.

  29. I like very much the idear of coming back in daylight. One could also say, come back to the Wisdom of God. If a house is devided, it will go down. I believe this. So I call for prayer. For unity of Gods People. May God open our hearts and mind. Amen.

  30. And we're supposed to be so smart. Ha! Just goes to show – we're not all Noble Prize winners, some of us, okay, many of us (not me though, and I'm no rocket scientist) voted for a guy named Barack Hussein Obama in the wake of 9-11.

  31. Yes… well. Now the damages are done.
    To be honest now Israel is doomed.
    The atom is just a matter of time.
    Very little time.
    You voted to Obama and he brought the world WW3.
    The world will suffer. Not only Israel.
    Jews will suffer the most. As always.
    Doesent matter where they live.
    Without a strong Israel no Jew is safe.
    Our blood will be cheep again.
    Hope you wont continue being stupid and vote Hilarry next time.
    She is worst just the same.
    Maybe even more.
    The clock is running now.
    What a shame.

  32. Let's see, crazy Mitt who believes that one day all the Jews of the world will move to Independence MO and dissed Elie Weisel by refusing to stop the post-mortem conversion of his family who died in the Holocaust..

    ..or anybody else! 😀

    Yeah, I went with "anybody else"!

  33. You've nailed it. Most American Jews are J-Street types who claim to support Israel but would stab her in the back the first chance they can. Liberal left-wing Jews are as much the enemy of Israel as Obama is. The American support for Israel comes from the christians, not from the self-hating so-called Jews.

  34. David Feldman Um, no.

    A) Romney is the equivilent of a Biship in the Mormon church.
    B) He is on record has having approved post-mortem conversions.
    C) Wiesel was on record of being dissed when begging to have his family members not disgraced by the churches that Romney oversaw.
    D) Romney is a Mormon with the belief in all Jews moving to Independence MO, which is not in the best interest of Israelis.
    E) Romney believes that he will be a God.

    Yeah, big choice. I voted for President Obama because he was the best choice, not because of a comedy show.

  35. Nancy, Well, I can tell you how my relatives answered that question. They voted democrat because that is their god. Reasons given: One would Never ever vote Republican; one is gay and wouldn't vote for the party which is against gay marriage; One hated Sarah Palin, one has always hated republicans because they're the wealthy party (but she has 2 homes !!), one called me racist when I voiced my negative opinion of Obama and that ended the conversation. In short, liberal US Jews are not thinking rationally about such important questions as to who should lead the country, and they refuse to engage in open discussion about the issues. The past elections with Obama were worse because they're very insecure and somehow equate disagreement with racism.

    thanks Varda for being brave enough to bring up this issue. The obama voters have no excuse, nada, none zero…….

  36. Varda Meyers Epstein

    Huh? Of course it is "a-ok for O to be bosom buds with Goddamn America"!

    That was pretty irrational.

    Also, on the one hand you declare that Obama had an agenda, and that he has finally gotten it done, and on the other you say, "You expect Mitt to single-handedly dictate policy to his church"?

    Be consistant.

    Plus, have you read the 158-page agreement? I know Bibi never did before he decided to dictate USA policy before the USA congress.

    Instead of letting the truth be one's authority in these matters, many of the chest beaters are letting the authority (Bibi) be their truth.

    Ah, me, the lone voice of reason in Efrat! 😉

  37. I was one of the ones who campaigned against him.I talked with people who knew him well.Mitt is a decent guy and would have made a great president for the world as well as Israel.Kennedy was labeled a catholic and was hit hard on that point.When he won-the pope didnt take over the white house.Him being a mormon made him a decent guy-it would not have driven his political beliefs.

  38. Each had their own agenda. Obama's agenda is to destroy America by making it a nation of the world, unexceptional in every way. He also has an agenda to address what he perceives as the wronging of Muslim people, the demonizing of them. He wants to elevate their status and help them and bring down America's traditional allies, for instance ISRAEL.

    Mitt wanted to be president. I think he wanted to be a good president. Good for America and good to America's allies. I think he would have worked hard to make Americans prosper and to check Iran's march to the bomb with sanctions. Would he have been a great president for Israel? I don't know. But Republicans have traditionally been better for Israel and the Jews than Democrats. I know he would have been better than this man who is empowering every despotic nation he can. Cuba and Iran. Didn't stop Syria even when it used chemical weapons.

    I know you and know you're smart, and a very nice guy, but I seriously don't get why you would support this man who has created the biggest existential threat to our world in our time.

  39. Varda Meyers Epstein

    I once tried, on-line, to convince a Chabad Rabbi that his Rebbe (Shneerson) was badly schooled in science because he taught geocentrism as a valid view of the universe, which this Rabbi also held. I spent 3-weeks arguing on-line and there was no way that he would ever think that his Rebbe could have erred in any way.

    I gave up.

    From that I learned that on-line interactions rarely change anyone's mind. The greater the loyalty, the less likey that there will be any true understanding.

    So I will leave it at that: you hold that Romney would have been better, and I hold that he would have been worse.

    All the best.

  40. Great post, Jerry. I am a Christian who truly believes Jews are the Chosen people and I will always stand with Israel. Was heart-broken when some of my American Jewish refused to even look at Obama's record.

  41. Everyone, quit arguing with a brainwashed liberal jew. There is no logic. He thinks Romney's church is a bigger issue than $9 trillion in additional debt, beheadings across the middle East, nuclear Iran, national healthcare disaster, unemployment crisis etc

  42. @Christine Craft – Typical anti-Semetic comment. Demonization with no facts to support the argument.
    Christine, are you aware of the Iranian regime's intentions of "wiping Israel off the map"? It seems you've been off the planet for a number of years.

  43. RESPONSE VARDA EPSTEIN Jewish Press Article-In Depth Analysis: How could we have known the Jews who Voted for Obama Janet Lehr, IsraelLives Newsletter
    Varda Epstein writes magnificently, aggregating almost all the 'clues about now President Barrack Hussein Obama's Islamic roots. The following was my first 'alert' and 'alarm'. Internet research today would have great difficulty picking this up – a victim of EXPURGATION.
    In 2004, Illinois State Senator Barry Obama (amazingly) was given the honor of delivering the Keynote Address at the Democratic Convention. Why, I wondered. I listened attentively. I saw a Black man, ostensibly a Negro, on screen. I heard an accomplished speaker. The day following the speech, ISRAEL LIVES AUG. 6, 2004 19TH AV, 5764 published: Where the Democratic Convention leaves Israel and the USA I reported the whole speech.
    “The day Barry Obama gave the speech was July 27, 2004, Tish B’Av (9th of Av), the Jewish historical day of calamity and mourning.”
    The crux of his speech:
    "If there’s an Arab American family being rounded up without benefit of an attorney or due process, that threatens my civil liberties.
    It is that fundamental belief: I am my brother’s keeper. I am my sister’s keeper that makes this country work. It’s what allows us to pursue our individual dreams and yet still come together as one American family.
    E pluribus unum: "Out of many, one."
    This text is almost entirely EXPURGATED from a current internet search; couldn't find it in Wiki. This was his infamous 'ARAB-AMERICAN' speech, so termed by commentators in 2004, 2005… or, as generally known now as, The 'AUDACITY OF HOPE' speech. It was difficult to find a recording for you – Today, July 21, 2015, 12:34pm I found it at By tomorrow it might be expurgated!!!
    In IsraelLives, Aug. 6, 2004/19th Av 5764 my second article was an analysis of the speech by former Executive Director of AIPAC (very important reading). To lengthy for this comments section, requests to happily filled for a copy of ISRAEL LIVES AUG. 6, 2004 19TH AV, 5764 Where the Democratic Conventions leaves Israel and the USA. Shalom Janet Lehr,

  44. Eliyahu Grossman: There's no such thing as a "post-mortem conversion." Mormonism is a false religion. They could proxy baptize ever person who ever lived and it would not affect a single soul. Methinks your real objection is that anyone should believe there is a single true religion with truth claims that exclude all others.

  45. Roy Neal Grissom: I stated above that my main concern was twofold. First, that he belongs to a wacky religious cult that believes that all Jews will end up in MO. As one who lives in Israel, that was a deal breaker.

    The other was how he treated Elie Weisel's request, which was telling. True, post-mortem conversions are meaningless, and is like urinating on a Jewish grave in Elie's case. Disgusting, but pointless. When Elie asked for help, Mitt refused to respond (which was a pattern with him). It was above him and he had a staffer send a form letter.

    So cult leader, wacky beliefs that could impact Israel, arrogance, and an attitude of "piss off!".

    All of that added up to, "Man, this guy is creepy!". But I am satisfied with how I voted. Now to watch the 2016 race with expectation of great entertainment value!

    #TrumpPalin2016 <- because America deserves it!

  46. Eliyahu, did you drink too much wine last Passover and haven't gotten over your drunken stupor as of yet. Keep listening to the Liberal media and the likes of John Stewart, Bill Maher and other Leftwing fools.

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