Passover Guide for the Perplexed 2024

11. Jerusalem is mentioned three times in the annual story of Passover (Haggadah), which is concluded by the vow: "Next Year in the reconstructed Jerusalem!"

Conventional Western Wisdom vs. Middle East Reality

Western appeasement of Shiite, Sunni and Palestinian terrorism has ignored the well-documented fact, that terrorists bite the hands that feed them,

US’ Mid East Policy Defied by Mid East Reality

US eagerness to conclude various agreements has brought the opposite of intended results

Vote of Confidence in Israel’s Economy in the Face of War

Despite a unique environment – top heavy on terrorism and war, but low on natural resources and rainfall - Israel has bolstered its do-or-die state of mind, with defiance of odds, risk-taking, frontier, pioneering, optimism, patriotism, can-do and out-of-the-box mentality. This has yielded a robust flow of game-changing commercial, defense and dual-use technologies.

Diplomatic option toward Iran is Self-destructive

Iran: The largest anti-American venomous octopus in the world

Iran’s Jihad Against the West

Iran’s ayatollahs, who have been courted and appeased by the West, are committed to bringing the West—and especially “the Great American Satan”—into submission.

Israel’s War on Islamic Terrorism Defends Western Democracies

Islamic terrorism – which has been a Middle East fixture since the seventh century - is neither driven by the 18th-century-established US, nor by the 20th-century-established Israel. It has been driven by a 1,400-year-old fanatic, religious, imperialistic non-compromising vision.

US’ banning of Israeli entities in Judea & Samaria – BOOMERANG

State Department’s determination that Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria constitutes “illegal occupation” has been based on mistaken and misleading interpretation of international law.

Israel’s Defiance of US Pressure

American officials might not like strong Israeli leaders, but they do respect them.

Israel’s High-Tech

A unique technology-multiplier for the US

War on Terror: Offense or Defense?

Seeking to avoid a multi-front war, Israel pursues a policy of containment that erodes its deterrence, bringing such a war closer but under much worse conditions

Passover Guide for the Perplexed 2023: US-Israel Shared Values

1. The Passover Exodus, in general, and the Mosaic legacy, in particular, inspired the US Founding Fathers' rebellion against the monarchy, which evolved into...

Demographic Update 2023: Arab Demographic Time Bomb is a MYTH

In 2023, in contrast to conventional demographic wisdom, Israel is not facing a potential Arab demographic time bomb in the combined areas of Judea, Samaria (the West Bank) and pre-1967 Israel. In fact, the Jewish State benefits from a robust tailwind of fertility rate and net-immigration. 
A 2,000-year-old key was exposed in the excavation in Jerusalem.

Israel’s Key National Security Challenge in 2023

Which may apply to other additional Western democracies as well

Blinken Misreads Mid East

Blinken's misreading of the situation in the region undermines U.S. interests in general and regional peace and stability in particular.

Israel-Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Issue

A deterring Israel is a cardinal national security asset for Saudi Arabia.

Proposed Palestinian State

Western conventional wisdom vs. Middle East reality

Giving Thanks

Reaffirming 4 Centuries of the US-Israel Connection

Conventional Wisdom vs. Evidenced-Reality

US State Department policy-making has been at odds with Mid East reality (evidence), elevating conventional wisdom (worldview) over the inconvenient truths and frustrating complexities of the jerkily-cyclical Middle Eastern reality.

Israel Supported US Repeatedly Over the Years

The Jewish state has given the United States invaluable intelligence and military expertise, and protects American interests in the Middle East.

Biden’s Middle East Visit: The Nuts and Bolts

When considering Biden’s demands for Israeli concessions, Israeli Prime Minister Lapid should study the conduct of previous Israeli premiers.

2022 Jewish Demographic Momentum in Israel

The GREAT NEWS: Israeli Jews are not merely good in math, they are VERY GOOD in multiplication!


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