Photo Credit: Emad Nassar / Flash 90
A Gaza building, reportedly used by Hamas, destroyed by the IDF on August 26, 2014.

Leftwing websites love to play up the photos of destruction of Gaza. The poor, suffering, innocent “Palestinians”, victims of Israeli aggression and collective punishment, are their front page stories.

Their bottom line is always the same, the Gazans (or the “Palestinians”) are not responsible for their actions and decisions; they’re passive victims of the conflict.


But it’s not true.

Even before their violent takeover of Gaza, Hamas received the largest block of votes in Gaza, giving them the majority, in fact Hamas secured 76 out of 132 seats – that’s 58% – in the Palestinian Authority’s parliament.

The people of Gaza, knowing full well the genocidal charter of Hamas, voted Hamas in. There’s no getting around that.

It’s both immoral and patronizing to say Gaza’s residents (or the Arabs in Judea and Samaria) voted Hamas in because Hamas’s social programs are more important to them than Hamas’s plans for genocide.

It is now well documented that the destruction in Gaza by the IDF was limited to areas that Hamas was using to attack Israel, whether it be for their command centers, missile silos, terror tunnels, or terrorist positions. For the most part, areas that were not involved in the fighting emerged from the war mostly unscathed.

Even within terror-infested neighborhoods, there are buildings that were hit, and buildings that weren’t.

Owners of many of the hit buildings were profiting from Hamas, charging them rent and receiving payment for letting Hamas store their weapons there, build terror tunnels entrances underneath their homes, or to set up rocket launchers in their orchards and backyards.

Unfortunately, there were also other civilian locations which Hamas illegally decided to use during the war, to attack Israel from.

The problem is that the international community refuses to report on the Arab civilian’s complicity and collusion with the terrorists, preferring to always portray them as the innocent victims, stuck in a situation out of their control.

Last week a Hamas official accidentally let it slip that Gazans are not letting Hamas back into their homes.

So much for the myth of the innocent and oppressed Gazans who can’t stand up to Hamas.

What was missing until now was any incentive for the Gazans to stand up to Hamas.

After all, the media and the UN teach them that there are absolutely no consequences to their actions – so why not let part of your house be converted into a missile silo to wipe out the Jews.

But now, the Gazans have learned an important life lesson. If you participate in any way in the genocidal attempt to destroy Israel, there are significant consequences to your actions.

The media should keep showing these photos of the destruction in Gaza.

Some day, the Gazans and the Arabs in Judea and Samaria will demand the right to vote from their leaders in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

They will once again need to decide whether they want the corrupt terrorists to take over, or if they want the ruthless terrorists to take over.

Unfortunately, a poll right after the war showed that Hamas was more popular than ever.

But perhaps, just perhaps, with a little retrospection, they’ll look at these pictures from Gaza and say, “We want a third option.”


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  1. The Israeli's are so shockingly poor at propaganda. They should be bombarding Gaza with pamphlets asking if they want to live with this destruction or live in peace with Israel and build a viable economy.

  2. The lefties Jews want Israel to take all the attacks and do nothing….you know to be passive victims just like in the 30s and 40s…..they prefer passive jewish people… is the self hating jew the worse enemy of the state of Israel.

    They are """""ARABS IN GAZA"""''
    We Jews are by roman decree PALSITINIANS in the roman attempt to erase our identity and attachement to OUR LAND ISRAEL AND TORAH.

    This technique was originally used by the assyrians who destroyed 10 of our tribes. Assyrians ''disengaged ISRAEL from their homes and swaped their homes with other areas far away which inturn took away the 'attachemnt to protect our homes and demoralized Jews.

    You doubt me? research it, the more a JEW knows of their history the more proud they will be knowing the origins our roots and
    WE ARE STILL HERE and we have control of ERETZ YISRAEL…
    Now we have to get a Israeli goverment that knows the facts also.

  4. I think most of them do it for money. They are LOSERS on Israel not on their bank account. Look at journalists such as haaretz who gets all of europe's editors orders,people lik barnavi asking for pressures at the french TV and claiming there are none! Someone should tell this rat it is not befcause Israel is resisting pressures that…there are none! Surely not enough for him until Israel is destroyed. And this guy was an israeli ambassador to france!!!

  5. and you are so poor in understanding! 69 percent of Gazan cannot read and write ! 85 percent of Gazan are like most other people who lived in a dictatorship AFRAID! afraid of everything including the Jews the Israelis and all other nations of some knowledge! and even you, living in an open and "advanced" society judge other people as if they lived like you ! are you aware that there are people there who's toilets are a hole in their back yard ? do you think many of them care if their toilet paper is softer ?your solution to the problem (kill'em all) is as unrealistic as hitler's was! if you are so uppedy smart you can find a real solution right? of course its much easier to blame other people and tell them what to do !

  6. Ora Cooper With all your words of ranting about badly educated people, where's your solutions??? Where there not UN schools??? (Boys only…thank you). Was Israel paying for ALL their electricity so they could read??? Was there acres and acres of well establish agricultural area with miles of green houses which the Gazans destroyed out of hate when the Jews were forced to leave their homes and businesses??? Who do you Ora think built those buildings that Hamas were sending rocks from and building tunnels under to kill Jews??? If they can't read, it's because they don't want to read. Muslim religion DOES NOT allow the women and girls to be educated. PLO was given an established country with buildings, businesses, schools and agriculture AND FLUSHING TOILETS….they proceeded to destroy it. They had help and rejected it and choose WAR. Who is to blame???

  7. It has to be considered that Gaza is poor, and when Hamas comes knocking, they do not take "No" for an answer. Remember all the killings there? To rent, or die, is a pretty easy choice, no matter your politics.

    They as a group voted them in, and they suffered the consequences. Perhaps the average Gazan is getting a thought now and then, which does not come directly from Hamas's political arm.

    Let us hope that they do not make the same mistake twice, as there will be no calls within the Israeli government for, nor necessity for, restraint the next time. Attack once, perhaps you will learn something from the response. Attack again, and you have proven that you cannot learn a thing. Expect all Hell to break loose the next time.

  8. Get your facts right. Unfortunately, Israel warned the residents to clear the building before bombing it. If I was Defense Minister they would have been buried in the rubble. Sounds like you are another progressive who thinks the cesspool called the UN is benign while it is pure evil made up of dictatorships and Islamic tyrannies.

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