Photo Credit: Brian Schrauger
The facade of the Bethlehem Jacir Palace Hotel were the Christ at the Checkpoint conference was held.

And Arab voices like Jerusalem reporter Khaled Abu Toameh. Like Nazareth’s Fr. Gabriel Naddaf, advocate of full integration into Israeli society. Like many, many Arabic-speaking Israelis who proudly serve in the IDF.

Second, we must focus our engagement on millennials, the same demographic #CATC2014 is targeting, and winning without opposition. This means aggressive use of social media, empowerment of millennials in our camp, and a rhetorical warfare mentality that embraces guerrilla tactics. Things like strategic counter-attacks, especially in blogging and social media, that both expose and mock the lies from the likes of #CATC2014. No more voluntary castration by the enemy’s pompous mandate to be ‘nice’ and thereby sacrifice the truth. God has not called us to be nice; He has called us to be holy. And wise. And strong; strong in His strength.


Last of all, but first in importance, we must seek God’s counsel before every engagement, every encounter, not after. Does He want us to send spies? Quietly march around Jericho for seven days? Blow horns and smash pots? Slay giants with a sling stones? Fight in a conventional way, perhaps by hosting a ‘counterpoint’ conference? Obtain our strategies from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or from the tree of life?

People of the Book, with God as sole commander, it is time to counterattack.


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Brian Schrauger is a freelance reporter and social media consultant. He currently lives in the Jerusalem area.