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Putin and Biden meet around the globe

As I recently wrote,”to play by their rules, Vladimir has tapes of them with micturating prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room.”

After four years of “what does Putin have on him” and “how would this administration be any different if Putin were calling the shots”, the party responsible for all that treasonous garbage seems to be doing everything possible to help Moscow while screaming America and our allies.


After trashing Keystone, it’s lobbying for Putin’s pipeline to Congress even as it’s killing an Israeli-Greek pipeline to Europe.

The US no longer supports the proposed EastMed natural-gas pipeline from Israel to Europe, the Biden administration has informed Israel, Greece and Cyprus in recent weeks.

State Department officials conveyed the new position to the Foreign Ministry, a diplomatic source in Jerusalem confirmed Tuesday. The Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the matter.

The reversal of position from that of the Trump administration was first reported in Greece earlier this month.

It’s about the “environment”.

“The American side expressed to the Greek side reservations as to the rationale of the EastMed pipeline, [and] raised issues of its economic viability and environmental [issues],” a Greek government source told Reuters.

What’s wrong with EastMed and Keystone that isn’t wrong with Russia’s NordStream 2?

The whole thing wouldn’t be complete without the Biden regime kowtowing not to Russia, but to the Islamist regime in Turkey which has a history of occupying and massacring people in all three of the Judeo-Christian countries involved.

Turkish state media channel TRT last week aired a documentary opposing the EastMed pipeline titled The Pipe Dream, which includes footage of State Department Senior Advisor for Energy Security Amos Hochstein discussing the matter before he was appointed to his current position.

Hochstein said he would be “extremely uncomfortable with the US supporting this project” because of its environmental implications.

“Why would we build a fossil fuel pipeline between the EastMed and Europe when our entire policy is to support new technology… and new investments in going green and in going clean?” he asked. “By the time this pipeline is built we will have spent billions of taxpayer money on something that is obsolete – not only obsolete but against our collective interest between the US and Europe.”

Our “collective interest” apparently includes a Russian pipeline to Europe, and appeasing Erdogan in Turkey, but not a Mediterranean pipeline.

So what do Iran and Erdogan have on Biden and if Islamists were sitting in the White House, how would our foreign policy be any different?

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