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U.S. President Joe Biden addresses the nation about the response to the recent Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel and Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine on Oct. 19, 2023 in the Oval Office.

On October 7, Hamas had a Plan A and a Plan B.

Plan A was to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. Plan B was to pull back, stage ambushes and cry genocide while making up fake casualties and staging atrocities until its Islamist and leftist allies managed to save it while using hostages and their bodies as negotiating leverage.


Biden, who had announced back in December that he had bailed out on supporting Israel, now announced his proposed deal that consists of 3 (actually 4) phases.

Let me break down it down.

Phase 1. Hamas frees some surviving female hostages and returns the bodies of the others in return for Israel releasing hundreds of terrorists. Then Hamas retakes control over populated areas in Gaza.

Phase 2. Endless negotiations for the possible return of the rest of the hostages as Hamas secures its grip on Gaza once again.

Phase 3: US sends billions to Hamas to “rebuild” Gaza in exchange for some bodies of hostages.

Phase 4: Hamas plots its next attack.

The plan, presented as Israel’s proposal, is really Egypt and Qatar’s proposal overlaid on Israel, and now put forward by Biden and endorsed by Obama, whose people are running foreign policy in this administration.

Here’s what Israel and Hamas get under this plan:

  • Israel – Some of the hostages and the bodies of the dead.
  • Hamas – Gaza, billions in foreign aid to rebuilding its infrastructure and the ability to claim victory because it will have actually won the war.

The deal does not require the surrender or elimination of Hamas or, as floated previously, the departure of Hamas leaders. All Hamas has to do is return some bodies and whatever living hostages are left.

To try and make this palatable, Biden claimed:

“The people of Israel should know they can make this offer without any further risk to their own security because they’ve devastated Hamas form- — forces over the past eight months. At this point, Hamas no longer is capable of carrying out another October 7th, which — one of the Israelis’ main objective in this war and, quite frankly, a righteous one.”

At this point. There’s a whole lot that rests on those words.

No one in the Biden administration expected that Hamas was capable of carrying out October 7th the day before it happened. No one in Israel was expecting it, either. But the one thing that is undeniably true is that the likeliest path to another October 7 is to let Hamas regroup, retake Gaza and get billions in aid to play with.

Biden’s proposed deal gives Hamas everything it wants and puts it on track to execute another October 7. The only way to stop that from happening is to finish Hamas.

Not even Biden proposed making deals with ISIS. Yet Biden insists that Israel make a deal that will leave Hamas intact and in power. Despite his rhetoric, he’s not helping Israel, he’s helping Hamas.

What is all this deal conditioned on? Qatar and Egypt. Biden claimed:

“If Hamas fails to fulfill its commitments under the deal, Israel can resume military operations. But Egypt and Qatar have assured me and they are continuing to work to ensure that Hamas doesn’t do that.”

The Biden administration will decide if Israel gets to defend itself based on assurances from Qatar, a state sponsor of Hamas, and Egypt, which was caught red-handed with tunnels leading into Rafah to Hamas.

This isn’t an Israeli deal or an American deal. It’s a deal by Islamic terrorists for Islamic terrorists. And Obama and Biden, two men who have done more to empower Islamic terrorists than almost anyone in the White House except Jimmy Carter, have put their seal on it. It’s a bad deal for America, for Israel and for civilization.

{Gatestone Institute}

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